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Best First Person Shooter on PSP

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) Oct 27, 2006

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The Medal of Honor franchise make a nice leap from the home-based console to the handheld arena with great results. The great score, WWII archive footage (grains and all) and realistic sound effects make it into the game without loss of quality. Game loading is nice and quick. Levels are nice and compact (not too much variety though) allowing slight branching on side objectives (turning a 10 minute level into a 20 minute level, if you have the time). Compact levels are perfect for the gamer on the go (likely everyone with a PSP).
Regarding control, I recommend that that you switch the control scheme from default "Commando" to "Elite." This switches the "look" function from the D-pad to the analog but it makes aiming so much easier and intuitive. It's also easier to learn this rather than aim with the D-pad. It will more closely mimic a PC ASWAD and mouse setup (which is a good thing).

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one of the best games i have ever played

posted by maddog54 (CHEVY CHASE, MD) Jun 18, 2007

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this game is awesome, there' s no other way to put it. the graphics are good, the sound is great, the controls are easy, and the game play is great!!! i couldn't put this game down, not even for dinner!!!!! i highly highly recommend this game for anyone who likes gaming, even if you hate shooter games you should play this.

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Very Good

Short campaign but lots of replay value

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Oct 30, 2006

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This game is pretty much like any other WWII shooter. You follow basicly the same story as all the other WWII shooters. You have the standard WWII guns, maps you've probably seen enough times it might make you have flashbacks but Medal of Honor Heroes gets all thsi and makes it better. The Campaign is really short on one difficulty but after you beat it on one difficulty you can go to teh next and the harder the difficulty the more things you can unlock. Sp if your WWII hungry than the game might take you about 15 hours total. If you could care less weather you get a snow outfit than the game will probably take you like 5 hours total. And to top all this you can go online via Infrastructure mode and play online. There are tons of modes to play, lot of maps, and its really whats fun about the game. The controls when going online ae a little hard to get used to since the crosshairs move slow and its hard to hit other players accurately when the crosshairs are never accurate. the crosshairs are always open in a wide circle so you litterally have to watch your bullets fire out of your gun to see whee your shooting exactly. The graphics are probably some of the best you can get on teh PSP for a FPS. Everything looks great from teh enemies to the battlefield. Overall, medal of honor heroes gets everything that we love about WWII shooters and makes it portable with some cool features.
GRAPHICS: 9.9/10
STORY: 7/10
DESIGN: 8/10
OVERALL: 8.7/10

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