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Medal of Honor: Heroes 2


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I loved this game but...

posted by RKDynamic (PLANO, IL) Nov 27, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

3 out of 7 gamers (43%) found this review helpful

I found myself getting nauseous from the bouncing on the screen... maybe it was just me, or maybe it was my TV... who knows.

I wish I could have played it more.

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Pathetic Attempt!

posted by mulletcarl (COLUMBUS, GA) Nov 20, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

7 out of 19 gamers (37%) found this review helpful

Pathetic! Ignore the 32 player online hype for one second! No collision detection, you run thorough the person. Virtually no melee attacks!

Almost impossible to distinguish, the enemy. Get ready for this, everyone shows up as RED on your radar! Brilliant! Get ready for this message, "Lost connection to server."

Everyone's talking about the mulitplayer....3 modes. That's right, rivals some of the best of the 90's doom, and duke3d. Graphics, MOH: European Assault for the Gamecube looks like a 360 game compared to this! Single player not even worth mentioning, nothing new to the table, same rehash formula that's been flushed down the consumer toilet and thrown back in out faces.

No local multiplayer, 1 Person online at a time. Brilliant. I love how it shows commercials of wii parties etc. HA, a formula proven in Goldeneye, forgotten. Vanguard is better, has to be two different development teams.

Everything down to the font, the presentation, the sounds, everything makes me puke.

Personally, I think all the major mainstream game reviewers who gave this game any higher than 5.0, are a part of a scam. It's all about money, etc. Theres no way, a legitimate gamer would spend more than 15 min. of this tturd.

In fact, I recommend you to rent this game. I want you to see how not to develop a game. Pure Trash!

P.S. We can stop the WWII games, the whole twenty round magazine idea, getting a little old.

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I want MORE!!!

posted by rockiesfan (LAKEWOOD, CO) Feb 11, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

1 out of 3 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

More fun then Any other Shooter game(FOR WII) the online is the awesome i want to keep the game but i don't have enough money, just because the online is so great. Don't get this game if you don't have Internet because it no FUN.

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