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Medal of Honor: Heroes 2


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GF Rating

Very Good

Good, not spectacular

posted by goatwarrio (ATTLEBORO, MA) Jan 4, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

This game is a great online WWII addition to the wii that supports up to 32 players. The first of, hopefully, many online capable shooters. The online multiplayer is enjoyable and smooth. I haven't encountered any lag or other such problems.

The control scheme is easy to use with the wii remote and it proves that the wii remote can go head-to-head with the standard Playstation/xbox controls. In fact, I found the controls for MoH: Heroes 2 to be better than standard joystick controllers (but not quite as good as mouse/keyboard like on the Mac/PC).

I would have liked there to be an offline multiplayer option (more than one player per wii console), but I was disappointed in the lack of coop or head-to-head modes. Note: There is a misprint on the game's box that says that this game is uses 4 wii remotes when it can, in fact, only use one. This misprint is acknowledged on EA's support site.

Despite this omission in multiplayer mode, the game remains an enjoyable addition to my wii game collection. Let's hope there are more games that make use of online multiplayer in the future... I would only hope that they don't neglect single console multiplayer.

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GF Rating


A step in the right direction.......

posted by scottl25n (BALLSTON SPA, NY) Jan 4, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

Overall MOH:H2 is a fun game, and the first WW2 based FPS that feels good when played. Graphics are still behind par but the wii was never designed to be a powerhouse in this category.

Overall Gameplay is typical for the medal of honor series. Average storyline with relatively decent game maps for each level.

The feel of controls is very stable and is a great stepping stone for future titles to build on, where as how to use the wiimote and nunchuck for a FPS.

The extra bonus in this game is the online play. I have put in some decent time in this categary, and it enjoyable but lacks in realism quite a bit. EA needs to address realistic shooting points, and levels at which an user/soldier should be down. I have noticed on numerous occasions a sniper snot to the head from less than 10 feet only takes their helmet off. Or a full clip of a SMG doesnt take a user down. This can get frustrating over time, but all users are binded by this.

Overall the game is enjoyable, and again a step in the right direction for online play and FPS's on the wii. I look forward to see what is next on the radar.

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GF Rating


Very Fun

posted by darthl1378 (SAINT HELENS, OR) Dec 31, 2007

Member since Jul 2006


+ Very fun online

+ Great controlls

+ Good Graphics


- Horrible Single player/Ai

- You Basicly do all the work in single mode

- Ammo runs low too quickly

Overall: This game is very good,just dont play the single player mode{The cons are about single player, and the pros are about online mode}

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