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Medal Of Honor is my winner

posted by ChyeahPett (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) Jan 17, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

Well well, where do i start off from?
This was an amazing game, from story mode to online play. To start of about story here's a "lil'" description.

It was fabulous. Beautiful design and the graphics were just shocking. Right when i started this game i didn't want to stop playing. You won't get bored playing this. The story was great and there were not glitches that "I" personally found. I rate the story mode an 8 out of ten.

Arcade mode......well this was alright. I never did play this mode too much. It is ok i guess. The graphics were the same. It doesn't amuse me when a game does all the moving for you. But that's probably why they call it arcade mode. I give it a 6.5 out of ten.

OK! Now for the grammy. Online play, it was so amazing. I played hours online, although i was never really good, it is a great experience. Yes The graphics are the same, no lagging at all. You have many different weapons and clothing to choose from. There are many modes, such as; free for all "death match", and team battle. I didn't play the other types because these were more fascinating for me. I give online play a 12 out of ten. Yes it's that good

Hope you liked my review. It was my first one.


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Best WWII shooter ever

posted by veelaunch (GLENDALE, UT) Jan 13, 2008

Member since Nov 2006

The game exhibits the best play control for any WWII shooter. It also has great graphics and music. The real bonus is the on-line multi-player. With 32 people in the same game it is extremely addictive. I had no problem playing the game for hours and hours. There was no wait or drag time. It is the best on-line game for the Wii. Worth every penny.

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Very Good

Better than the last Wii installment

posted by wannagame (BARRINGTON, IL) Jan 13, 2008

Member since Aug 2006

"It's finally here!" The cry rings throughout the Wii community. And it is. 32 person FPS multiplayer, courtesy of EA Games, is now on the Wii.
Having tried both the singleplayer and multiplayer forms of the game, I have to say i am pleased with its performance. Let's begin with campaign. Your character is an OSS agent, whose objective is to uncover the secret weapon of the German forces. There are about 8 levels, all leading up to the base, where the weapon may be located. Compared to MoH Vanguard, this has way more storyline. In Vanguard, the storyline is choppy. "Wow, that was a big explosion. Let's go shoot people." My point exactly
On to multiplayer. Upon playing your first game, you may, like me, burst out laughing. Watching your opponents run is like watch a constipated person trying to dash to the bathroom. While the forward and backward running motions look normal, the sidestepping is unnatural. Also, whenever gunsight is used, rather than bringing the gun of to their face, the opponent's head is brought down to his hip.
Despite all that, the gameplay runs well. There has been no cases so far of lagging or skipping. Also, classic games like CTF, Domination, (like Slayer in Halo) and Team Domination are included.
To wrap up, if you have been itching to play your friends and strangers in an FPS multiplayer, what are you waiting for? Get to Best Buy!

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