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Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to WWII we go

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) May 12, 2008

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Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 tackles the well-tread territory of World War II shooters. And while the competition is steep and varied, there are qualities to Heroes 2 that will appeal to Wii gamers.
As we all know, being able to point at the screen with the Wiimote is a big improvement for shooter control. MOH takes advantage of that and expands upon it. For instance, the sniper rifle can zoom in and out by rotating the remote. You use the same technique to set explosive timers and tune radios. Twisting the nunchuk to the side while sighting your gun will allow you to peek around corners. And throwing grenades is easily accomplished by whipping your remote forward. Although some of these mechanics seem overly complicated, they work for the most part.
Of course, keeping these controls straight gets harder as you progress through the eight levels in the campaign, as the game pits you against what seems like the entire Axis army. Yes, you will die often.
If campaign mode gets frustrating (and it will), you can try arcade mode, which works like an on-rail shooter. This form of gameplay works surprisingly well and will appeal to many casual gamers.
As far as story, setting, guns, graphics, sound design: it's all done very well, just like it has been in dozens of WWII shooters from the past five years. It's almost expected that the presentation value will be high and MOH delivers.
In the end, this is a good, but not great, shooter. It will start off by entertaining you, but slowly begin to aggravate you (just like the effect of the WWII shooter genre on gamers).

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FPS, multiplayer, and "light gun" fun in one game!

posted by madcapr (CHESTERFIELD, VA) Nov 29, 2007

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I won't beat around the bush, so here are the key points of why I rate this game a 9.

-The graphics are improved and keep a great framerate.
-The sounds are great, you feel like you are really in combat ( if you have surround sound speakers setup.
-The controls are improved and very easy to customize. Lots of options here.
-The game supports use of the new Zapper!
-The campaign mode of play is your typical FPS. Good battles and nice flow to the game.
-The arcade mode of play is great for the zapper, it is more like a light gun, rail shooter style game. Very fun for hardcore and casual gamers alike.
-The online mode is great for many reasons. It is free, it works well, and it's easy to find opponents/games quickly. Battle up to 32 players at once.

Don't write this game off for being another World War II shooter. The fun factor and replay values are very high in this new version. Get a zapper if you don't have one yet...

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Very Good

Finally Wii Goes Online

posted by Zericon (HALETHORPE, MD) Nov 17, 2007

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Well its about time a Non Nintendo title goes online!! And with such a good presence, Even if the WWII theme is a little played out these days. The Multi player is stellar, not graphically, but for the most part bug free, and the best part its set up more like a typical computer game lobby, that's right folks!! no friends codes needed!!!!! Woo Woo!!!
Single player game is solid, however personally its all about the multiplayer, Truly how many times can we walk through WWII alone?

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