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Medal of Honor: European Assault

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Also on:PS2, GC
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Gameplay Controls

Medal of Honor: European Assault

Directional Pad Up = Toggle Weapon/Grenade. Down = Recall Squad. Up/Down = Zoom In/Out When Using Scope.
Left Thumbstick Move. Lean (Aim Mode).Click In to Position Squad.
Right Thumbstick Look/Aim. Click In for Melee Attack.
A Button Action. Reload. Cook Grenade (When Holding Grenade). Change Class at Supply Base (Multiplayer Only).
B Button Toggle Weapon 1/Weapon 2
X Button Toggle Crouch/Prone
Y Button Jump. Stand.
White Button Use Medkit
Black Button Activate Adrenaline (When Meter is Full)
Left Trigger Zoom/Aim Mode (Hold)
Right Trigger Fire. Throw Grenade.
Start Access Pause Menu
Back Access Mission Map