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Medal of Honor: Airborne


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GF Rating

Very Good

the open ended play and fluid lean/peek are GREAT!

posted by tactsims (BASTIAN, VA) Sep 12, 2007

Member since May 2006

such a refreshing change from the "hold my hand down this path"..."interactive movie" we usually get.

there's definately some issue's...

hit detection and/or LOS(not sure which)isnt always spot on for one.

but the fluid lean/peek blows the Vegas style cover systems out of the water(i hate being forced to stick to a flat surface in order to peek,and 3rd person cams are terrible imo),its basically a 1st person lean done right in MOH:A.

love the air dropping in,and the start anywhere non-linear play.

if it had system link support(major sore point for me personally) i might have to give it a 10.....9.5 anyway.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Too bad the war wasn't this short.....

posted by dfwhomer (ROWLETT, TX) Sep 12, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

I liked the gameplay in this game, but had a couple of items I didn't particularly care for.

Firstly, as I said earlier, the game was WAY too short. I beat it easily within about 5 hours.

Lastly, I thought the graphics were really last gen. It had it's moments, but for the most part, they were really a let down. For example, the explosions were less than adequate to say the least.

Overall, it's a fun game, and a little above average. The multiplayer is fun, but can also get quite boring if you have around 6 or 8 people playing. This is a definite rent.

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GF Rating


Close, but no cigar.

posted by Geijutsuka (ROCKFORD, IL) Sep 12, 2007

Member since Sep 2005

At first, I was in the camp that declared MOHA a true winner. Yes, it hasn't done much to change the WWII formula, but it does have polish, lots of it. And the jump mechanic, which is interesting, but EA just didn't do enough with it.

So after two levels, the cracks start to show. You realize that enemies only REALLY care about killing you. Midway through the game you encounter a tank, and once it sees you, it could care less about your AI buddies. This one man against all mechanic simply gets annoying here.

The levels, while claimed to be fully open ended and a "true upgrade" to past WWII level layouts are merely Y or X shaped levels where you have 3 to 5 objectives to complete per level and it's your choice which order you do them in. The levels themselves are STILL just corridors, with one, or two branching paths to flank enemies. You still encounter things such as, unpassable fences, piles of seemingly indestructable boxes that you can't get past, magical solid hedges that keep you from getting to other parts of the map to give yourself a true advantage.

The final blow for me was the AI, while, for the enemies, it's fine, your AI allies are idiots. They get in the way of your shots, they don't really help you, and since you can't work with them directly (give any orders, ask for backup..coverfire....etc) it makes the whole game feel.....fake. The enemies and allies only fight eachother to help you feel like you're not alone. But you really can't help but feel that yes, you really are alone.....enemies constantly respawn out of buildings...allies are dropped nonstop on the playing field......lost lives don't really matter in MOHA, everything feels very thin and disposeable.

It's still fun for a while, but there's just too many fundamental flaws to keep it standing out of the WWII shooter genre for very long.

Not to mention...forced upgrades! Like a particular rifle? Well you won't once the game FORCES you to put a scope on it.

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