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call of duty can suck it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Halofan117 (GREEN BAY, WI) Jul 24, 2009

Member since May 2009

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when I first rented this game i thought wow this game is amazing. it has everthing. it has great graphics. great gameplay(much better than call of duty 1-3). and a great storyline, and the good part is its rated teen. this game also is great because it adds a whole new factor of gameplay by letting the player decide where they land after they jump out of the airplane, creating somewhat of a different story each time you play. if you are thinking ablout renting this game I highly recommend it.

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Very Good

Death From Above

posted by DaMikeSC (COLUMBIA, SC) Oct 19, 2007

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There is not a more hack cliche thing to do than to comment on the glut of WW II FPS out there.

Well, I'll say this much --- there are a lot as most tend to be really, really good. WW II is quite compelling and has served as an outstanding backdrop for some classic titles.

The big gimmick for the game is that you're an airborne soldier. You can literally jump anywhere on the map and tackle any objective you wish to. If you wish to take the chance and land in the midst of German or Italian soldiers, you can do it. You won't last long, usually, but it's your option.

The usual weaponry is on display here and the gameplay is tight and compelling. The levels, honestly, are insanely long (while it's only 6 chapters long, they tend to last 1-2 hrs each in my playthru on normal) and not easy by any stretch. Enemies have few qualms unleashing numerous grenades to flush you out where they can pick you apart --- and, yes, they will pick you apart ruthlessly.

The AI is quite good here, too. Enemies take cover. They flank you. They try to flush you into firing lines for others to take you out. It's several steps below a human opponent, but to pretend it's not difficult is to lie.

Multiplayer is good, but a little unbalanced. Sure, Germans can shoot you out of the air while you jump, but your advantage in sheer mobility and to jump behind the enemy kinda makes the battle a little unfair to me.

The biggest qualm for me is that towards the end, they introduce "elite" soldiers who are basically superhuman. It takes roughly 12-14 rounds from a machine gun to take one down --- and they are armed with extremely fast machine guns that chew you up mercilessly.

Overall, it's a really good game. It's out, sadly, in a time with a litany of better games (Bioshock, Half-Life 2, Halo 3, CoD 4 is coming soon) and will, probably, be lost in the shuffle. However, it is a game that is pretty fun to play and will not be an easy victory for you.

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Decent, but not great

posted by MikeF73 (NORWALK, CT) Sep 10, 2007

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I really enjoyed the first two thirds of this rather short game. The maps are good with a lot of detail, and there are multiple objectives on each that you can take in whatever order you want. The parachuting is fun, and you can really change your plan of attack by dropping into strategic locations.

The enemy AI is pretty good, and they'll flank or overrun you if you're not careful. Friendly AI isn't great and you'll find yourself playing solo a lot of the time with nobody watching your back.

But the game really falls apart in the last two missions (out of 6 total). To make things harder, the game introduces an "elite" enemy. In a typical WWII shooter I'd expect this to be an enemy who is a particularly good shot or who is smarter than others. But in this case, it's a "boss" that takes around 20 shots or two rockets to bring down and who is carrying something that looks like a modern-day minigun with infinite ammo. This is not something you'd normally see outside of a sci-fi game, and it really came across as a cop-out on the part of the designers. The AI for these guys is even cheap - they always seem to know where you are and target you specifically as opposed to your AI teammates.

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