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Airborne is perfect for renting

posted by Vykor81 (FEDERAL WAY, WA) Sep 18, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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This is another one of those games that are perfect for renting but not exactly worth shelling out $60 for - unless you enjoy multiplayer over XBL. The campaign is fun and thrilling as is par for the MoH franchise, but this installment is just another installment.

Obviously, what sets this apart from the others is the ability to choose where you want to start in a level by dropping in from an airplane and completing objectives in any order you choose. Navigation is a cinch as the compass employs yellow arrows to guide you to known objectives throughout the level (including when you are parachuting down, which is very handy).

I enjoyed being able to choose where to begin. If I felt like going Rambo on the Nazis, I could, or if I wanted to play a more tactical role and stay with my unit, I could do that too. I also sometimes would drop nearby my squad but not immediately with them to try and flank the initial wave of baddies that my team encountered. If you like tactical warfare action, then this provides some degree of freedom - though nowhere near the complexity of a game like GRAW.

The visuals are expectable and very nice - but nothing to win an award with. The audio is steller as always - that's always a highlight of any MoH game in my opinion. The controls feel pretty good, and they give you a few options in terms of button layouts, but no custom ability. Load times are average for a game like this. Dying is no big deal because you'll just start at the last checkpoint (or drop again if you die near the beginning). The problem here being that you have to wait for the slightly annoying load time to pass EVERY time you respawn.

Multiplayer definitely gives a reason to own the game if you are into that, but it faces some pretty steep competition in that realm of gameplay (you may have heard of Halo 3...).

All in all, this is fun for one playthrough unless you love WWII multiplayer over XBL. The game will only last you 6-10 hours depending on your skill.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good, but Short.

posted by munkey (Wolfe City, TX) Sep 8, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

33 out of 37 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

It's a great rent anytime, especially while waiting for Halo 3 and the other big hitters later this fall.

The AI is aggressive and somewhat smart, which keeps the combat fast and intense.
They will duck back into cover if you shoot near them, and if you miss an opening sniper shot before they see you, they will scatter for cover and locate you.

There's about a dozen different enemies, but most are just meaner versions of their level one counterparts, which unfortunately can make things a tad monotonous at times.
Basically you have soldiers, snipers, rockets and robo-cops.

The graphics are nice, but jaggies and minor DoF blur and color issues when scoped keep it from being exceptional.

Never the less the sight of all the planes and paratroopers in the air is pretty breathtaking.
I thought the Holland and Flak Tower missions looked very nice in particular.

The missions are fairly linear, you get objectives and you complete them. However you get to land almost anywhere on the map and work your way through as you wish.

The weapons upgrade as you use them, it's all good except that in the later missions you really need your upgraded weapons, so you end up using the same 2 or 3 guns the whole game. (i'm not sure if the upgrades follow you if you replay the campaign or not)

The campaign is pretty much your typical WWII game as far as the story goes. There's some interesting bits though, like D-Day from the Airborne's perspective, behind the Germans rather than landing on the beach.

The only bug I found, if you can call it a bug, was that the Storm Elites (robo-cops) would occasionally get stop moving/firing if you got in an akward spot and they couldn't pathfind to you.
It's actually a bit of a blessing though, since they're tough as nails.

I haven't played the MP yet so I won't comment on it, though I haven't heard good things.

Overall it's good, but the campaign is short. On casual it took me about 5-6hrs.

Still, for an EA game, I'm pleasantly impressed.

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GF Rating

Very Good

WWII game for snipers

posted by Gamr4Life (SANTA BARBARA, CA) Aug 9, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

19 out of 21 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

I you like FPS, WWII games, or the sniping scenes from the movie Saving Private Ryan, your going to like this game. There was one play moment where my heart was beating from all the action going around me, and at the same time I'm trying get five sniper head shots in a row. That was fun. The graphics, and sound are good. The AI is above average, but what makes the game is the action, and weapons. I know there's people who played the first level of this game then got online and gave it poor review, but trust me, stick with it. Learn the game physics, get familiar with how to land your parachute jump wherever you want, learn how to upgrade your weapons because it gets intense. Here's a gaming tip to get you started, 1. land on an elevated position
2. thin out the enemy troops from above
3. then do a frontal assault with a thompson or B.A.R or do a flanking maneuver with the M1 Garand, your squad mates will keep them busy while you do this. Oh and don't forget throwing cooked grenades before you move forward. Again fun game, use tactics, and enjoy the action.

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