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Too short to be amazing but it's still a fun trip

posted by Solrina (CANDLER, NC) Aug 25, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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I always liked the Medal of Honor series, but to be honest they got a bit stale. This was another fun entry, but not exactly a groundbreaking World War II shooter.

You take the role of a paratrooper in the famed 82nd Airborne Division as you take part in various WW2 missions. Some of these include landing in Italy, The Netherlands during Operation: Market Garden, and taking out one heck of a flak tower in Germany.

There is a lot about this game to love. Since the character design is meant to be authentic, it can come off a little bland. That's forgivable since the graphics presentation is great. Everything looks crisp. The score is amazing, and even the cheesy dialogue is at least delivered with gusto. The guns, which were upgradable, felt great to use, despite a good deal of recoil on the automatics. Though I didn't use them much myself. The controls were spot-on for a shooter.

A great feature was the non-linear storytelling. While you still had certain missions to complete, since you parachute in, where you land has a lot to do with what order you will attempt said missions. This added a fun element missing from many shooters of the day. There were a few "oh wow" moments during the levels...what few levels there were.

Several issues hurt this game for me. First of all, the parachuting concept was neat, but never fully utilized. Then there is the very short campaign. Even though there was a lot to do in each level it was disappointing to have only six of them to explore. Sure it's fun enough to play through at least twice, but we all know it's not the same the second time around. The worst for me is the utter lack of any real plot. There is no story here, no characters to pull for. Your name might as well be John Doe. Some could care less, but for me it's a major flaw.

The game is worth playing for the intense action, it's just too bad they couldn't have given us some semblance of a story or some characters worth remembering.

7 / 10

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GF Rating

Very Good

MOH Shows Signs of Life

posted by REVJR1 (ROANOKE, VA) Jan 1, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

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I was ready to write off this franchise after its last forgettable outing, European Assault, but Airborne ended up being solidly entertaining.

No, the graphics are not up to PS3 levels, but neither are the visuals for most of the PS3 titles released last year. The textures could have been more crisp and vibrant, but that never stopped us from playing MOH before, right?
A lot of your time is spent in night missions where you're not lingering to admire any well-lit features of the landscape, anyway. The variety of the mission locales is strong enough to keep you interested.

Character animation is good. Finally, there's realism to enemy movements, and a strong AI keeps you on your toes--for the most part, they're not going to rush you like a bunch of idiots. You also get some blood in an MOH title at last, and there are plenty of occasions for intense melee attacks. Bodies crumple and collapse in an authentic manner, and the fluid, chaotic pace of combat reminds you of the best moments in earlier MOH and COD titles.

Audio is competent, with a couple repetitive moments. Ex., in one "kill the sniper" section, a comrade repeats unhelpfully, like a demented parrot, "It's just like in basic, squeeze the trigger, don't pull it" so many times that you're about ready to waste him instead. Some of the German dialogue sounds a bit overacted, and you'll hear plenty of MOH's patented "Amerikaner!" throughout the game.

The parachute drops themselves are fairly entertaining, although it seems botched landings are more frequent than perfect ones. It's also nice to have the expansive levels to maneuver around in. Weapon selection is okay, nothing new, though - the same MP40s, Thompsons, and your trusty Garands return for action.

Best thing is the tense atmosphere-landing alone, hearing the scattered cries of comrades echo in the dark distance-definitely gets you moving.

So I played out of loyalty, and was pleasantly surprised. The old MOH soundtrack always gets me right here!

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Better that it's rating

posted by megadeath (CLEARFIELD, UT) Sep 29, 2009

Member since May 2005

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This game is way better than it's rating and in some ways better than call of duty 5 due to the features, and the graphics are also very good, getting used to the controlls can be quite difficult though, This game was one of the funnest games i've played in a long time.

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