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GF Rating

Very Good

Turned Out To Be A Very Fun Game

posted by Sony4life1 (GASTON, SC) Dec 15, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

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At first this was a bit under par, somewhat boring, and lacked good graphics. The reason being is i played Call Of Duty 4 before playing this. Otherwise after playing through the game, this Medal of Honor i have to say is very good.

Graphics- nowhere as good as call of duty but not bad either.

Sound- Good overall.

Gameplay- Very fun, i love the fact of a sort of freeroam that allows you to land anywhere on the huge map and do whichever objectives you want to first. The best part of the game to me is this feature. Also a good choice of weapons.

Game Length- Missions tend to be fairly long which i like. Lot of different objectives. Havent yet beat the game but have done a ton of long missions and still going.

Overall this game is a must rent, in myself would not buy this. The game is no where close to Call of Duty 4 but its hard to compare them as Call Of duty 4 is todays modern warfare and medal of honor is world war 2.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Don't Hate On WWII Shooters!!!

posted by PS3Gamer (GREENSBORO, NC) Jan 16, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

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I get it. I really do! Too many gamers have become exhausted with WWII shooters. My take on it is - it was a long war, keep the games coming!

In Medal of Honor Airborne, EA decided to change things up a little, especially the repetative nature of a few previous Medal of Honor installments.

The gameplay is pretty much the same as it always has been. Very easy to understand and after only a few minutes of playing you'll have the controls down to a science.

The story-line is unique and unlike what you've seen before. Instead of just starting each level on your feet, you'll actually jump out of an airplane. Once you're falling through the sky, parachute whistling above you, it is left upon you to control your drop, being sure to land safely and on your feet within certain drop-points highlighted by green flares. This ensures that you'll be standing and ready to go, next to your fellow war-buddies.

The graphics, in my opinion, use up the available power the Playstation 3 dishes out. Each level is dark and highly detailed making you feel as if you've really landed yourself in the Devil's playground!

Maybe I'm a little partial to the MOH series because I've been playing them for so long - even to include the highly popular PC renditions "Medal of Honor: Allied Assualt" and its' expansion "Spearhead."

I haven't experienced the multiplayer yet available within this game but I intend to immediately. I am so wrapped up with the single-player mode that I haven't given the online mode much thought.

I hope this BOOK of a review is helpful. I've read through pages upon pages of reviews for this game and decided that a DETAILED and WELL-WRITTEN one was MUCH needed.

See you on the battlefield =)

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This game is not for everyone

posted by larafan70 (OCEANSIDE, CA) Dec 26, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

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This game is a challenge for the expert gamer who is used to in tense situations, and can be quick on their feet, run, like the devil was after them, and stay alive long enough to finish the level, but it's not for someone who can't do more than a few things at once. The easiest level was hard enough, but when you get to the next level up, it becomes excruciating. Especially when you're in Holland on the battle that could have shortened the war. Not only am I getting rockets in the face, I'm getting nailed by Nazis with Stormgawehrsor, or the mp44, from the sides or behind. That, and the scope got too blurry to see through at times, and almost impossible to aim and fire.

If you were trying to aim at the machine gun nest, by the time you pressed r 1 and zeroed in on the soldier, you would be hosed by bullets and game over. It ceased to be fun after a while. I loved the grenades and the chance to jump into exciting locations. and pour lead on the Nazis, but sometimes the cover wasn't high enough, and the bullets still hit you and sometimes it wasn't clear where they were. This would be slightly easier to beat if the targeting systems were user friendly. Hard enough to be thirsty for more yet not too easy and not be a challenge at all. This is more for the person who has more time to spare.

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