Rent MechanicMaster for DS
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42 ratings

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Game Details

  • Number of Players 1
  • Wireless Players 2

Mild Cartoon Violence

Game Description

Creativity is your best weapon in this puzzler that puts you on Earth's last line of defense! Use the DS Stylus to set mechanical contraptions in motion and rid the planet of alien invaders hiding across the globe. Clear aliens from over 100 levels by changing the direction of gravity, bouncing lasers off mirrors to slice objects, creating vortexes, and, mostly importantly, keeping those mechanics moving. Turn on Drawing Mode to draw your own solutions by building platforms, setting up walls, opening portals, and more. Use the Level Editor to modify existing challenges or create new ones, then share your creations wirelessly.

Specs & Requirements

Wireless DS Multi-Card Play (1-2)

Modes Challenge, Level Editor

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