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MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf


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MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf

GamePlay: VTOL = Vertical Take-Off and Landing Craft.

Power-Ups: Also called Salvage, these are found in destroyed vehicles, mechs and buildings. There are four types of Power-Ups:

Armor Power-Ups are green, and restore depleted armor.
Missile Power-Ups are red, and temporarily upgrade your missile weapons.
Energy Power-Ups are blue, and temporarily increase the power of your energy weapons.
Ballistic Power-Ups are yellow, and temporarily increase the power of your ballistic weapons.

Directional Pad Up/Down = Change VTOL Cargo. Left/Right = Cycle VTOL Cargo.
Left Thumbstick Move Forward/Back. Strafe Left/Right. Use Jumpjets (Click In). Control POV Missile
Right Thumbstick Aim/Look. Defense (Click In). Activate Stealth System (Click In). Activate Anti Missile System (When Enemy Missile Approaching, Click In). Activate Target Jamming (Click In).
A Button Battle Armor Claw. Pick Up VTOL Cargo. Grab Another Mech (For Hacking). Hitch on to Mech or VTOL (When in Battle Armor).
B Button Drop VTOL Cargo
X Button Tank Zoom View
Y Button Enter or Exit Mech/Vehicle
White Button View Game Tips/Player Options
Left Trigger Change Weapons. Detonate POV Missile (After Fired).
Right Trigger Fire Active Weapon (Hold to Charge Up for Certain Weapons). Drop Pilot Bomb. Remotely Detonate Pilot Bomb.
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