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hated it

posted by Judeikinz (YAZOO CITY, MS) May 5, 2009

Member since Jun 2007

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I really liked the katamari games for the PS2, but this one is really, really, really, really bad. It's mostly because there are only a few places that you can roll around in. And there are only 5cm-20cm levels, 20cm-1.5m stages, 1.5m-10m, 10m-70, 70m- 500m, and only one 70m-1,500m. All of the levels are in the same places!!! And there are only 5 themed stages which are lame. Also the controls are bad too.
I really didn't like this one. At first, when I rented it, I liked it. But then, 1 DAY later, I thought, this game is soooooooooo boring. And plus, there are no new background songs except Katamari On The Funk.
So, I just decided to play the ones on the PS2 from now on.

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GF Rating


Good Game, Terrible Controls

posted by Squirrel (MADISON, WI) Apr 14, 2006

Member since Apr 2005

11 out of 13 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

Me & My Katamari is Namco's attempt at bringing the highly unique Katamari Damacy series to the PSP. While the game has all the charm of its console counterparts it fails to bring the ease-of-use and fun.

At its core, Me & My Katamari is more Katamari rolling goodness. The King of All Cosmos is back and has tasked you with rolling up all sorts of stuff around various environments on Earth. Collect enough stuff in the given time limit and you pass with a ticket out on the Royal Rainbow; fail and you must face the King's wrath. All of the atmosphere and oddball humor you loved in the console versions is found here and the King is as good as ever. The only real issue is that the music is mostly a compilation of songs from the previous two games. While they are good songs it would've been nice to get a new set of tracks for the PSP version.

What really hurts Me & My Katamari is the controls. Namco attempted to keep the spirit of dual analog controls on the PSP but failed miserably. The face buttons are attempting to emulate the right analog stick on the PS2's controller. It might sound okay at first but the controls are extremely awkward. Holding triangle and pushing forward on the analog nub to move forward or holding X and pulling back to move backwards is anything but intuitive, and don't even think about turning. What Namco failed to realize is that it's not the dual analog controls that made the Katamari series so fun, it's that the controls were simple and intuitive. Instead of forcing an inappropriate control scheme on the PSP they should've come up with new controls that felt just as natural.

If you can get past the controls, Me & My Katamari has even more Katamari goodness to offer up. Visually it looks great on the PSP, perhaps even a bit better than the PS2 version. Unfortunately the game's charm isn't enough to make up for poor controls. Stick with the PS2 versions, they're what Katamari should be all about.

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The controls are there for a reason...

posted by Daklathen (SAN JOSE, CA) Apr 29, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

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When the Japanese developer of this game was asked why the controls were so confusing and hard he said that they were made that way to give the player the feel that they were pushing an object. I found this to be true for me and so did my friends.

I started playing and I became frustrated with the controls becuase it was so hard to get ahold of. As I played, however, I came to notice that it felt as if I was pushing and manipulating the ball with my fingers. It helped with the feel of the game but no just push forward, left and right to move the ball. It makes this simplistic game more complex and adds a unique touch to its style.

Stop complaining about the game and learn to play it the way its ment to be played. Honestly, if you liked the console Katamari then you will love one you can keep in your pocket!

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