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More like a download title

posted by Animator22 (SAN JOSE, CA) Aug 20, 2011

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I saw this game drop to $20 in the store so I said I'll give it a try now. Glad I did because this game is not worth the full price it was when released. Not saying its horrible but it is very short. So its more like a download title. Here's my feedback on Mayhem.

The career mode is very short like I said, there's 9-10 chapters each having 4-6 races and its pretty much doing the exact same race in the same order each time only on a different track and sometimes certain cars are restricted. The one thing I do like is the huge line up of cars, mostly its different paint jobs but there are a few different bodies that unlock. It also doesn't matter which one in each class you choose because the stats for the cars are all the same for their class. You know trucks will be stronger and compact cars will be faster.

The Black, White and Red color theme can get eye straining at times but I think they did a good job evening out the tones across the track to highlight all the bumps and objects on the track.

The physics part of the gameplay lacks. All cars seem to go faster than you and everyone goes at the same speed at times. When your car spins out and you hammer on the gas while turning, once you let go of the wheel your car will continue to turn for another second. This gets frustrating when your trying to even out and get back in the race. Instead you slam back into the wall.

This game is also VERY EASY. Most of the demo races the AI doesn't really care about you. If your a trophy person then this should be an easy Platinum to get if you can find people playing online.

In terms of audio, the menu music gets real annoying for me. Nothing really stands out except for the sfx the cars make when hitting and boosting.

I'm not going to say don't get this game but don't expect it to be big. This is all my oppinion anyway, you may have a completely different experience.

A rent game for sure if you want a little destruction derby action.

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So much potential...

posted by ResidentGamer (SAN BERNARDINO, CA) Jul 26, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

Mayhem 3D had so much potential but much of what it has going for it is lost on the black and white presentation. Mayhem is a driving game that blends racing with the occasional focus on destroying opposing racers. It's very much like the Flatout series in the sense that destroying other cars while racing is acceptable and encouraged. The game offers your standard race mode and career mode, while also including a destruction derby mode for those who are only interested in the destruction of other vehicles and being the last driver standing. The exhibition races/events are standard fare. Select a race type and try to finish first, whether this is placing first after completing a series of laps or being the last car standing. In destruction derby mode, inflict as much damage as possible to every one else's vehicle while trying to minimize the damage to yours. Again, it's all pretty basic but thankfully playable.

The game plays well and cars are responsive, so control will likely not be an issue. Where the game falters is in its presentation. The black and white (with the occasional splotches of red) scheme does not work, which is sad because a game with so much destruction could have been a particularly colorful one when you factor in explosions and a flurry of car parts flying through the air when cars collide. The lack of color just looks plain lazy, like adding color to this game might have taken way too much effort. In Mayhem, the skies are red, which I suppose might add to the game's destructive atmosphere, but I would much rather have the rest of the game be as colorful. Black, white, and red might work for a game like MadWorld on the Wii but for a driving game, I couldn't help but feel like so much potential was lost. It really is like playing a black and white version of Flatout.

Even at budget pricing, it's hard to recommend this game. Sure, it plays well but it's hard to look at. Very hard to look at.

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So so

posted by leecoffey75 (LAKE WORTH, FL) Jun 27, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

This game was ok, but the black and white graphics got boring quickley. Im not sure if this was aimed to make the game unique or the designers just got really freaking lazy. If color graphics were added this game would be much better.

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