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Great Gameplay but Graphic Style Soaks up the Fun

posted by BigD2009 (WEST SACRAMENTO, CA) May 27, 2011

Member since May 2009

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Review of Mayhem 3D:

Graphics: 4/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Presentation: 6/10
Overall: 6/10


From the company that brought you "MadWorld" for the Wii comes this awesome racing game with destruction derby, elimination races and banger races. It has a great deal of cars and tracks to choose from, tons of fun action and gameplay, multiplayer (which I didn't try) and Career mode which is done in the style of a comic book. There is only one MAJOR problem: the graphics.

This game has a lot of class with the great gameplay mechanics and wealth of modes, options, unlockables and just overall content. However, it is ruined by the graphics. If you've seen MadWorld for the Wii then you've seen this game's graphics.

While I applaud the innovation in art style and the studio's efforts at trying something new...this style just does NOT work for a racing game. About 10 seconds into my first (and only) demolition derby, my eyes began to be bothered quite a bit actually. They were watery and burning a little and as I played everything just kind of blurred together. I didn't know where the cars were and where the sides of the arena track were.

This doesn't even go to say how horrid the contrast with the red sky can be and doesn't begin to scratch the surface of the annoying white outline around the screen. I get it, they were going for a comic book look like you were playing on the page but a white border around black and white graphics and red contrast just doesn't work for me at all! No, just no.

The art-style was intended for 3D glasses which come with the game if you buy it, but since I rented via gamefly I did not get to experience the 3D. However, everyone has said that the 3D effect sucks, not to mention if my eyes were bugging me this bad in 2D...I can only imagine how they'd feel in 3D!

Overall: There is a great racer here and graphics don't make a game, gameplay does. But when the graphics distract from the gameplay, there is a MAJOR flaw.

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It wasn't that bad...

posted by Robscott21 (WILMINGTON, NC) Dec 10, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

To be honest this game was rather fun, seeing as they don't make many racing games now-a-days and if the do its either too serious or not very fun like the new NFS The RUN. You probably won't see another game that offers arcade fun like this. Although, the graphics such and the gameplay is really dated, I still had some fun.

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More like a download title

posted by Animator22 (SAN JOSE, CA) Aug 20, 2011

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I saw this game drop to $20 in the store so I said I'll give it a try now. Glad I did because this game is not worth the full price it was when released. Not saying its horrible but it is very short. So its more like a download title. Here's my feedback on Mayhem.

The career mode is very short like I said, there's 9-10 chapters each having 4-6 races and its pretty much doing the exact same race in the same order each time only on a different track and sometimes certain cars are restricted. The one thing I do like is the huge line up of cars, mostly its different paint jobs but there are a few different bodies that unlock. It also doesn't matter which one in each class you choose because the stats for the cars are all the same for their class. You know trucks will be stronger and compact cars will be faster.

The Black, White and Red color theme can get eye straining at times but I think they did a good job evening out the tones across the track to highlight all the bumps and objects on the track.

The physics part of the gameplay lacks. All cars seem to go faster than you and everyone goes at the same speed at times. When your car spins out and you hammer on the gas while turning, once you let go of the wheel your car will continue to turn for another second. This gets frustrating when your trying to even out and get back in the race. Instead you slam back into the wall.

This game is also VERY EASY. Most of the demo races the AI doesn't really care about you. If your a trophy person then this should be an easy Platinum to get if you can find people playing online.

In terms of audio, the menu music gets real annoying for me. Nothing really stands out except for the sfx the cars make when hitting and boosting.

I'm not going to say don't get this game but don't expect it to be big. This is all my oppinion anyway, you may have a completely different experience.

A rent game for sure if you want a little destruction derby action.

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