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PS2 Ghosts of the past.

posted by jf1977 (WEST GROVE, PA) Jan 17, 2007

Member since Jan 2006

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This was based on a addictive yet frustrating 2-D game called Ghosts and Golbins in the 80's. Fast forward to a new time and a 3-D upgrade and you've got an instant classic. Just like in the original when the hero is on one energy bar he fights in his heart shaped undies. Better wear clean underwear for this one, hands pop out of tainted urple ground. Earthquakes will occur and lava will shoot out of nowhere, some classic enimies from G&G's make a cameo here and there. No horrific camera angel problems some great boss fights, and I like how you have to gain 100 coins to save your progress or chop a headstone or two to collect sprites to pay the grim reaper to continue. Great story, excellent gameplay but too short.

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GF Rating


Not great, but playable

posted by Faerie_Knight (DUBUQUE, IA) Mar 29, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

This game is fun. It's also rather hard. Then again that can be expected of any game in the Ghosts n Goblins series. The story's basic, but amusing. While there's not too much variety in enemies, that's actually something you might be thankful for after a while. And the platforming can get somewhat brutal.

Which makes the save mechanic something cringe worthy for those not looking for a challenge. You can only save if you've got one hundred 'koins', the in-game currency. And then you have to do so in the hub worlds. Defeating a boss the first time will give the option to save for free, but it's likely you're more interested in the free armor. Replacing armor from vending objects (called wheel of prizes) also costs 100 koins. Assuming the vending object has armor in it.

Then there's the health system. As you take damage you're armor is destroyed. Armor pickups aren't very common, and you will need them. It only takes 4 or 5 hits for any given health section to be depleted. And the only way to regain lost health sections is to find armor. Health pickups only restore damage to your current health section.

Yes, that means it's entirely possible to spend multiple stages in your boxers. Still Maximo is a fun game. Somewhat average at times, but fun. If you're the type who needs infinite continues and frequent saves stay away. Maximo is not really geared towards the casual gamer.

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GF Rating


Best PS2 Game Ever Made (So Far)

posted by Samkid882 (SEVERN, MD) Dec 1, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

Presentation: 9.0 - Maximo: Ghosts to Glory is based off of the old Ghosts and Goblins series and spin offs. The environments, feel, story, controls and twist ending are very powerful.

Graphics: 9.0 - The graphics of Ghosts to Glory are not sloppy. Very imaginative and creative use of polygons and color. Plus, animations are superb.

Sound: 10 - It's hard to forget the very remarkable music and sounds of Ghosts to Glory. Instant memories; instant 10.

Gameplay: 9.5 - Gameplay is a switch from 2D to 3D in a smooth, reliable snap.

Lastin Appeal: 10 - You will NEVER master this game! This is considered to be the hardest game to perfect ever made for good reason, and secrets, rewards, and simple enjoyment made me come back over 10 times in a row!

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