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Maximo: Ghosts to Glory


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Beat the Demon Queen

Have the Flame Tongue and some power-ups. Hit the demon three to five times. Push Triangle to do the Overhead Slash on the jewel on the demon's forehead.

Beat Lord Gutterscum

This is the easiest Boss in the game, Make sure you go into the battle with Armageddon (the purple sword power-up). When he stops moving, run around him and hit him in his fanny with a thrust attack. Repeat this and he will be defeated. This fight is easy because he just stays in one location -- it just requires timed jumps.

Item power-ups

The list below is of power-ups for Maximo's sword, shield, and other items.Name Cost Function Koin --- Increase Koin inventory by one Koin Bag --- Increase Koin inventory by five Diamond --- Increase Koin inventory by ten Spirit --- After collecting 50 you get a Death coin Death coin --- Allows you to continue after you lose all lives Heart 150 Increase lives by one Key --- Allows you to open iron locks and chests Gold Key --- Allows you to open gold locks Green Bottle --- Partially restores life bar Red Bottle 50 Fully restores life bar Shield Charge --- Restores five units of shield meter Sword Charge 150 Restores five units of any sword enchantment Armor 100 Adds additional life bar, up to three max; after three you get gold armor for 20 seconds Foot Cheese 500 Allows you to walk freely on ground that may have skeleton hands Monogram boxers 300 Boxers with an "M" on the front Pow Boxers 300 Boxers with the word "POW" on the front Cow Boxers 300 Boxers with a cow pattern Mystery 150 Random chosen item Iron Shield ---- Default shield that game starts with Silver Shield 160 Shield with 15 strength units Gold Shield 300 Shield with 20 strength units


The "World" indicates the first world this is found in. Name World Description Mighty Blow 1 Essential for fighting Second Strike 1 Not needed if you use the Mighty Blow for most of your attacks Furious Spin Attack 3 Good for attacking multiple enemies

How to beat Achille

An easy way to defeat achille you need to have armageddon blade summen armgeddon with the doom stike by achille when his shields are down and when he uses electricity to make himself huge use the eldrich wave at the other end of achille do this until he is defeated.

Bone yard easy coins and lives

Repeat the level you will get 200 coins and 2 lives. Then, go back and repeat the process as many times as needed.

Grave danger more grim reaper coins

You need to collect the fairies and continue to do this until you have about 50. Hit the next grave, and you will have a Grim Reaper coin.

Grave danger extra lives and items

Go through the level until you find a "jail cell"-type room. Go up the side, do your crushing death blow, then go through the secret room. You can collect an extra life, and coins below.

Extra fairies

Use this trick to get five fairies instead of the normal two. When you get to any of the fairy stones, do a jumping sword attack (X, X, Triangle) and five fairies will be released. This allows you to get at least one continue per level.