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GF Rating


Motion Sickness

posted by Corzy91 (WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA) Jul 23, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

I have played Max Payne on the computer before, but I wanted to play it again. Because I no longer have a computer, i decided to try it on the PS2. It is awful. I love the story, but the controls are sloppy, the graphics aren't very good, the camera is jerky, and the game gives me a headache. I can't play the game fore more than twenty minutes before I begin to get a headache and get sick. It took so much time for me to figure out exactly how I needed the controls so it would be easier to play. Not only is the camera jerky, but the movements are very jerky and the game occasionally lags. I absolutely love the story. It was well written and I like how they presented it in almost a comic book style in between levels, but I just can't deal with the rest. The game isn't really hard to play once you tweak the controls, but it's not exactly a good port. If you want to play this game then I recommend getting it for the computer. The PS2 version just isn't very good.

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GF Rating

Above Average

A Below Average Conversion of a Great Game

posted by azjoe73 (MESA, AZ) Mar 8, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

I played Max Payne way back when it premiered on the PC many years ago and loved it's style and fun gameplay. I thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane. Unfortunately, this PS2 port of the PC game left much to be desired.

The first problem I had was the washed out graphics that loses much of the style and detail that made it some amazing on the PC many years ago. I can vividly remember the bullet time moments and watching bullets flying all around the room. These details have been removed in order to get the game to run on the PS2 but this leads to a loss of some of the style that made Max Payne so memorable.

Also a problem for me was the controls which I felt did were not as responsive as the keyboard and mouse I used years ago. I spent much of the first hour of game play tweaking the controls to find something comfortable.

So, this is a great game, but I would highly recommend that you play it on the PC or maybe even the Xbox if possible.

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GF Rating


Stop running!

posted by digikill82 (HARLINGEN, TX) Dec 3, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

Its not that May Payne is a bad game. It was just young and did not know any better. It got mixed up with the wrong crowd and just came out a bit bad that's all. I am of course referring to the lack of good shooting mechanics and poor platforming in this game. This would not be so bad if it was not for the fact that you need to shoot with near pinpoint accuracy in order to kill the enemies who seem to be able to hit you from across any distance even in some instances through doorways. Another thing this game got wrong is the lack of a walk feature. While some would question why a character would need to walk when being chased by enemies wielding dual Uzis the answer is very simple. There are some stages where you can not advance the story unless you precisely guide Max on top of beams that he barely fits on. One minor twitch in the controls and he falls to his death causing you to start the level over no matter how close you were to the checkpoint. This seems unnecessarily hard as any movement in any direction causes Max to sprint in full force so you can imagine how annoying and frustrating this can get.
Having said this, the story of Max Payne is superb. Even to today's standards it manages to pull you into the action and aside from some obligatory stereotypical bad guys or perhaps because of them it actually seems plausible. This is the only reason that this game gets such a high rating. Otherwise it would be curtains for Payne and then he would sleep with the fishes, capiche?

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