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Very Good

Max Payne 3 worth the wait!!

posted by Kimsnow16 (NASHVILLE, TN) May 22, 2012

Member since May 2012

Excellent!! Rockstar at it's finest. Gameplay can get repetetive but over all this is a really fun game! Gripping story and great voice acting. Just the right amount of challenge and reward!

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GF Rating


Wow....Max Payne 3! Don't Sleep on This One!!!

posted by Gobind05 (CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA) May 21, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

First off, I base my review on how much I enjoyed the game. With that being said.....I seriously enjoyed this game. I was blown away time and time again. If your on the fence about this game.....don't be! Your seriously missing out if you let this one pass. I would easily give this game a 9.5-9.75!!! Seriously

The Great (And I mean GREAT!):

-Presentation: Wow....where to even start. Max Payne has perfectly, and I mean PERFECTLY, hit this section on the head. From start to finish, the game just screams awesome. I've never seen a game presented so well and I play almost EVERY game worth playing. This game had me sad that I had to stop for whatever reason E.G. sleep, eating, etc.

-Music: From the beautiful orchestra pieces to the heavy industrial to Max playing the piano himself, the music in this game was amazing. Also, when you get to the airport and the music track drops.....ya, I had to change my pants it was so BA.

-Graphics: The graphics are awesome. While there are a few graphical hiccups, the overall experience is fantastic. The detail put into the characters and the world is so gorgeous.

-Story: Yup... it's awesome. I won't ruin it but I will say Rockstar provided, yet again, an amazing story driven game.

The Good:

-Voice Acting: I put this in the "Good" category because sometimes the voices would say something that sounded off. Still with that being said, the overall voice acting was AWESOME! I usually play my games with subtitles because most voice acting is atrocious or I can just read instead of paying attention to the voices. The voice acting had me so engaged that I didn't need them!

The Meh (Not Terrible...but ya...):

-The Controls: I bring this up because when I first started playing the controls were pretty awkward. I changed fire/zoom to R1/L1 and that helped a lot. Not a big deal because you get use to it super fast. TRUST ME!

-Multiplayer: I feel like Multi was just tacked on. It is okay but pretty forgettable. Wort

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Great game but definetly not for kids

posted by dougjack06 (NORTH PORT, FL) May 21, 2012

Member since May 2012

i am 24 and an avid gamer. i have two kids and love this game but would definetly not recommend anyone who is not 18 or over play this game. to the parents of kids or teens this game has constant cussing, heavy use of drugs and alcohol, and several 10 sec scenes of adult nature. this game is great play but is in some ways like or worse than a rated r movie. would recommend it to adults and any other max payne fan.

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