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posted by GorillaBloo (DALLAS, GA) Jul 12, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

Its so amazing. Its Max Payne with the environment of Uncharted. The controls are really smooth and the combat is awesome. But you need to look out there have been a few times the enemy would come up behind and shoot me in the back with a shotgun or a micro-smg.

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Very Good

Max Payne 3 - Mixed Thoughts

posted by AndyB (GRANGER, IA) Jul 11, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

I went in from day one only caring about single player and passing on multiplayer. Not every game needs multiplayer. To be frank with you, you'll probably be feeling done with story mode about half way in, it drains you and gets stale. It only just barely brings you back towards the end. The setting for the game, South America, just doesn't fit Max Payne's gritty "Sin City" style. The levels were bright and Max was more of just an angry old man rather than a dark addict. What a refreshment! Yes, I like the fact that things felt upside down. Everyone complains that games are the same as the last one, for once it wasn't the case yet a lot of people still complained that it changed too much. Make up your mind. The game was a great by itself, if they had named it something other than Max Payne 3 I feel no one would've complained. Back to single player an multiplayer, it starts off strong and loses momentum, but brings it back just in time. Great ending and was in ways worth the long campaign. Now multiplayer just looked boring and forgettable, surprisingly it wasn't. Multiplayer is addictive, quite customizeable, and new. It looks similar to other TPS multiplayer games, but the difference is a narrative of the entire match. Vendettas for seeking revenge on players who killed you for extra points, bursts with progressing levels for better effects for patient players, and very cool game modes like Gang Wars where you play through multiple game modes in one and even a game mode where a whole lobby of players fight two players playing as Max Payne and his new partner, killing on of these two players means you take their place and will end up defending against the lobby and so fourth. The class set ups are also nice, determining your health regeneration speed by the amount of fire power/ defensive equipment you choose. Multiplayer was a great part of the game. I enjoyed the campaign and enjoyed the multiplayer. It's a buy if you can play online, if not it's a solid rent.

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Where's the free roam?

posted by Demos89 (REDONDO BEACH, CA) Jul 9, 2012

Member since May 2009

The story was okay, game play was like a marry-go-round same enemys over and over. Run and shoot here and there type deal which seemed endless. No free roam at multiplayer sucked they should have a free mode where you can do what you want i wouldn't buy this game rent only and wait for GTA5.

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