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Only gets love since rock star made it.

posted by broncosdude (HOLTSVILLE, NY) May 18, 2012

Member since May 2012

First off online is very different than any other rockstar game made. Finally you can fully customize your character. There's a lot of shirts, pants, faces, hair style, head gear, shoes, armour and lots more. It even gets better, most of the gear have special upgrades. There's so many upgrades I can't really remember them. One that I do know is if you have a helmet on head damage is reduced by 50%.
You can also customize your weapon load out. Lots of guns and grenades. Can also add attachments like silencers, scopes, extended mags, gas systems, and a few more.

A few flaws are I don't like how you run, it's just strange.
Also guns are very inconsistent. It can take 3 shots one time, 10 shots another, a whole clip another to kill someone.
Melee is clunky.when your within 10 feet from someone you push Y and it's a instant kill.
I'm not a fan of bullet time. Shouldn't be in multiplayer. It's not as bad as dead eye in red dead but close.
Also pistols are very over powered. Iv been killed by the worst pistol in the game from across the map in 1-3 shots.
There's also a lot of spawn killing. If you play gang wars you will be spawn killed for half your deaths. They just spawn you in a fire fight.
Not a lot of maps. I think around 5.
The graphics are great, but not much better than gta4 which is 4years old. A lot more detail tho.

If you want a good 3rd person shooter with online and a deep campaign mode give this a try but people who loved gta4 and reddead may be very disappointed.

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posted by Ultimatum911 (REDLANDS, CA) May 17, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

This game is awesome and the multiplayer is very cool and adds a cool twist to standard multiplayer. Gang wars is also very cool.

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Another Payneful Pun

posted by ChasingParadise (AUBURN, CA) May 16, 2012

Member since May 2012

Hallelujah! Story mode is not dead folks! If you have any experience with shooters, you'll know their stories and campaigns can be empty, confusing, and downright lame. Not the case with Max Payne 3. Rockstar uses a cinematic approach to create a pulse pumping and edgy story that raises the bar for video games. And fear not, gameplay is just as strong. The mechanic Max Payne is known for, Bullet Time, is ridiculously awesome. Slowing down time while firing at enemies AND flying through the air makes you feel like a force to be reckoned with. Graphics are gorgeous. Every level is polished (except one or two) and filled with tiny details that make them come alive. Voice acting is great, music is too but could use a little variety. The ending was cliche, but a small mishap easy to forgive. Max Payne's multiplayer has been hyped up, but didn't meet my expectations. It consists of the usual load outs, perks (called Bursts), and character modifications (which are more in depth than most shooters). Most notable is the ability to use Bullet Time, which is really cool, but don't expect to be mowing down bad guys like in story mode - its not nearly as useful. Graphics are slightly worse compared to the story. There are normal modes with a few juicy ones mixed in, such as Payne Killer (a rehash of Juggernaut except you become Max Payne or his friend Passos when you kill them) and my favorite, Gang Wars, which involves five "episodes" of two warring gangs duking it out by accomplishing objectives. From what I've seen, each map has a different story for Gang Wars and objectives are tweaked to keep it fresh. There are a few other cool bonuses Rockstar has created to spice up the shooter genre, but you can find out yourself. All in all, you may disagree with me on multiplayer, but one things for sure, Max Payne's story mode will blow you away.

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