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A must RENT

posted by Twizzle (ATWATER, CA) May 27, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

Even though this game was short, it was awesome, great game, super tons of fun, lots of killing, the multiplayer was "ok" but all in all a great game to rent and a MUST PLAY! check it out

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GF Rating

Very Good

A very good game that could have been great!

posted by KMA2k10 (RIVERSIDE, CA) May 26, 2012

Member since Jul 2010

the game was for the most part what i expected, my only real complaints were many parts of the game were just frustrating.

There are only a handful of scenes in games that were just horibly set up things are so stacked against you that your only real chance of survival is memorising enemy placement & die over & over & over until you learn everything that will happen in the scene so you can kill the guy before he apperas, think KZ2 with the stairs (if you own a ps3) max panye 3 had 3 of these scenes serisouly 3 of them i hate it when a game has one of them these 3 scenes alone imo took the game from a 10 to a 7 but since i love rockstar & previous Max Payne games i bumped it to an 8. If you played the game you know which 3 scenes im talking about!

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GF Rating


SinglePlayer Review.

posted by Ttimberwlf (NEW YORK, NY) May 24, 2012

Member since Apr 2011

With it being almost 10 years since we've since the release of Max Payne 2, Rockstar hasn't give up on one of it's fan favorites and have returned with Max Payne 3.

Now I haven't personally played Max Payne 1 or 2 so this review will be from the POV of a console gamer but a reasonably one.

Max Payne 3 has a pretty good story. I honestly didn't think I'd be into the gritty ex cop kind of story but Max Payne is truly a great character and you can't help but to love how truly scarred his character is. Max has had a troubling past and is still suffering from the lost of his wife and kid. Although I haven't played the previous games Max Payne 3 does a fine job with letting newcomers in gently.

The gameplay mechanics are excellent too. Although others may not notice it, Max Payne 3 allows the player to seamlessly enter and exit bullet time which helps a lot especially if you're playing with no target assistance on which I highly recommend! Max's movements not only look amazing but so does everything he does, to the cool and realistic way he holds an assault rifle in one hand while putting holes in his enemies with the pistol in his other hand to how he dives to prone position. Everything just runs so smooth.

The graphics on the game look great. It's worth saying that even though the game is visually dark the colors of the streets/slums of Brazil bring it to life. Every cut scene in the game just works so well and James McCaffrey nails it as Max Payne. Him and every other character in the game just has a voice that fits them even if I can't understand half of it. (The game takes place in a Spanish speaking country)

Although some gamers may not appreciate the change from it's predecessors, newcommers will appreciate Max Payne 3's shoot em up gameplay and dark and addicting storyline.

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