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Reel Max

posted by crosshair_eyed (NORTH FORK, CA) Aug 9, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

This is just plain outstanding. The really big drawback for me (I suffer from vertigo big time) are all of the high game locations. If you don't have this problem, you will enjoy the game a lot more (and I did enjoy the game). The main character (Max) is as tough as any character in gaming. His personality is crass and sharp as a rusty razor. The obstacles (problems) he must overcome in the game as logical and the solution to these problems are satisfactory (usually ultra-violent). But Max has a soft heart and a hard head. He is incredibly likeable. This game will not disappoint.

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This Is Why We Subscribe To Gamefly

posted by XeR0FuZi0N (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Aug 7, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

I am SO GLAD I did not buy this game. I would have been really ticked off if I paid $59.99 for a game that really hasnt been updated in 10 years. The original May Payne is the best one of out the 3 hands down. All this game is, is an updated cinematic version of the original. The story is interesting and at times feels like you are watching a movie and not playing a game. The game does have some cool effects but beyond that it is a mindless rinse and repeat type of game. Kill a wave of enemies, move, kill another wave, move. Oh and if you dont move fast enough at times you Fail. I would have given this game a 1 however I did enjoy the cinematics and special effects. I also do like the story, but getting through level after level is painstakingly BORING! Not worth buying, but you still may want to rent it to give it a shot.

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Very Good

great max payne, with action and great dialouge

posted by sicxmade (FERNDALE, WA) Aug 6, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

Ok so it's been some years since i've played the first max payne and it was really a hit and miss with some people. I feel that the first one was great but to frustrating so i stopped playing it and didn't even attempt a try at max payne 2. Now Max payne 3 has a great story but it is true some of the people are just kind of there and not real important, and the boss fights are a little to easy. I did enjoy this max payne compared to the ones in the past. It handles the way i would want it too and the fight scenes are great. I would however not buy this game, it is a good rental but after you beat it you don't really want to go back through it,unless of course you want to collect all the gold gun pieces. I didn't try the online, because games like this don't appeal to me to play via web, seems kind of pointless? Overall this was a great game and would like to see a max payne 4 in the future that handles like this one did.

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