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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

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Well this game is ok

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) Feb 14, 2007

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I thought this game was a good one right up to the end where you have no chance of beating the game unless you get really really really really really really lucky. Because the Last Boss Must Have Unlimited Ammo as far as Moliyov Cocktails Because he never runs out and you cant even shoot him you have to shoot a Bunch of Pins out of Wires and to do this you have to zoom the scope so you have no idea where the unlimited Cocktails are coming from. if your lucky enough to shoot all the Pins so you have a chance at hitting the boss he takes about 1000 direct hits to kill him I really dont know how many times you have to shoot him because after trying to finish the game about 100 times i finally gave up and decided to send the game back. I really hate games where the Programers make the boss or whatever you need to do to finish it is so hard only one in a Millioin people can do it Hence the Weak rating I gave an otherwise good game

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Max Payne 2 is dark dark dark

posted by Eschaton (ORLANDO, FL) Apr 13, 2010

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This game is intense - graphics hold up much better than the original title (Max Payne 1). The gameplay is superfun, but I noticed that all you have to do is shoot in the ball park of an enemy, and the game aims for you. It's really not necessary! You might want to change ALL OF THE CONTROLS to match todays shooters, and turn off the auto aim. Games have changed a lot since this game came out, and I was able to enjoy it only after making the changes.

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MAX PAYNE 2: Likes / Dislikes

posted by tonyk1 (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Oct 22, 2009

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Max Payne and Mona Sax are like Bonnie and Clyde, as they shoot their way through the New York underworld. And, they won’t stop until they figure out who wants them dead, and why.

This game is a 150% improvement on its predecessor. It is just better in every conceivable way.

They still managed to turn a simple crime drama into a global conspiracy story. Big mistake. It would be better if it were merely Max and Mona versus the mob.

Quick Save as often as possible.

Ducking for cover will get you killed. No matter what you are facing, run and gun is the way to go.

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