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Matrix: Path of Neo

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Dojo dive through walls

In the Dojo when finding the Killing Blow, you can get through doors easier without slashing them by diving through them with Square. You can also tell the difference between fake and real doors by doing this.

How to beat Agent Smith

To defeat Agent Smith at the train station, you must weaken him first. When you hear an announcement of a train approaching, try to get hold of him. Throw him in front of the train.

How to beat Agent Smith

When Agent smith says Mr Anderson he stop moving be sure to weaken him there as that is one of the weaknesses he has!

How to beat the Witch

Use the Bullet Stop ability to throw the various items in the room at her. They each do massive amounts of damage. When she casts the Barrier spell, avoid her or your weapon will break and you will be stunned. Make sure to disarm her as soon as possible.

How to beat agents

The first time you fight an Agent, you simply have to outlast it until Trinity blows up the wall that prevents you from getting back to her and the others. Later, you'll actually have to fight them. You can punch and kick all you want, but that probably won't do a lot of good. You should have the Bullet Dodge move by now (in fact, you WILL have it). While in Focus, press and hold the Evade button while STANDING STILL. Neo does his cool signature thingy where he bends way back and the bullets fly right past him. This keeps the Agent distracted and Trinity can shoot it for a one hit kill.

Avoiding first policeman

When you go up in the lift, jump off at the first platform before the lift stops, his way, you can just climb straight up the ladder without having to deal with the first officer.