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excellent for building basic math skills -or more

posted by Destroy (ALEXANDRIA, VA) Sep 28, 2007

Member since Oct 2004

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If I had a kid with a DS, I'd totally buy this for him. But I don't. As such the game is sort of boring to me, though I did forget to try all the options. There were some options to change for each game, but I didn't take the time to understand them. But for kids this would be a challenge. So, I had some fun with it. There's about 4 or 5 different games on it. There's one that is simply rearranging/flipping cards to make a true equation. Another that is sort of like dominoes/scrabble in that you arrange your equations on a table surface in a logical manner. Another mode is like UNO with a twist that you can put out an equation equal to the current number or play the same symbol or color. And finally a make-an-equation that gets as close to 9 as possible. It's sort of like blackjack in that you can "hit" for more cards or stay. That game was sort of interesting and almost made me want to keep it longer.

I probably should have tried the options tweaking for that particular game.

Controls were pretty good/logical. Used the stylus almost entirely, though I didn't try to use the buttons. Interface was good, but the game options were a little confusing at first glance without a manual.

Overall I respected the goal (learning youngsters in a fun way) and creativity/originality twists on classic games. It may actually be more fun to play with a real deck of cards.

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Very Good

there is a learning curve but it works

posted by catfish182 (COLUMBUS, OH) Nov 21, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I got this game for my children both below 12 who both need help in math. The idea of them playing this on a DS was interesting to me and i want to see how it plays out.
So far there is great success as the girls are interested in playing and it seems like they are learning some things here.
The good- the more they play this game the more used to numbers they will be and also be able to rattle off simple equations quickly. This game covers adding, subtracting, multiply, and dividing.
The game does it's job and does it well.
The bad- there is a learning curve. there are only 4 games to play and while the levels go up if you can not grasp a game you are screwed up a bit. When you start to play it i suggest starting out slow and get used to not getting right the first few times. the in game instructions are not that good so it helped when i played it first and then showed them.

So enjoy this game if you want to get help in math or get your child some help. It will take a little interaction with you and the child to show them how to play the game but that shouldnt be a big deal.

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boring school related and a very sad game

posted by qscfthn (NEW MARKET, MD) Oct 16, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

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its a disgrace to the nintendo DS and is a bad rip off of big brain academy

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