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Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2


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Also on:GC, PS2, GBA
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Gameplay Controls

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2

Directional Pad Start Riding (up)
Combo #1 Cruising Speed: Hold Up on the Directional Pad or hold the A Button to ride at cruising speed.
Combo #2 Bunnyhop: Hold down the A Button and pedal fast, release to jump. Press down on the directional pad to cancel a jump.
Combo #3 Bronco Hop: Tap up twice on the directional pad and release the A Button to perform a BIG Bronco Hop.
Combo #4 Wall Ride: Press and hold down the Y Button when you're in the air near a wall, sign or building.
Combo #5 Foot Plant: Jump directly at a wall and then press the Y button at the wall.
Combo #6 Powerslide: Press Down on the directional pad and either the Left or Right Trigger.
Combo #7 When you bail, press the controller buttons repeatedly to get up faster.

Combo #1 Xup: Up + X
Combo #2 Look Down: Down + X
Combo #3 Barspin: Left + X
Combo #4 Tabletop: Right + X
Combo #5 No Handed One Footer: Up Left Diagonal + X
Combo #6 Front Peg Grab: Up Right Diagonal + X
Combo #7 Can Can: Down Left Diagonal + X
Combo #8 No Footed Can Can: Down Right Diagonal + X

AIR TRICKS (to be performed after you get BIG air)
Combo #1 Rocket Air: Up + B
Combo #2 Indian Air: Down + B
Combo #3 Nothing: Left + B
Combo #4 Candy Bar: Right + B
Combo #5 Tomahawk: Up Left Diagonal + B
Combo #6 Superman: Up Right Diagonal + B
Combo #7 Tailwhip: Down Left Diagonal + B
Combo #8 Backflip: Down Right Diagonal + B
Combo #9 Rocket Queen: Double Tap Up + B
Combo #10 Superman Indian Air: Doubletap Down + B

AIR TRICKS (to be performed after you get BIG air) (continued)
Combo #1 Superman Seat Grab: Doubletap Left + B
Combo #2 Candy Bar One Hander: Doubletap Right + B
Combo #3 Xup One Hander: Doubletap Up + X
Combo #4 Front Flip: Doubletap Down + X
Combo #5 Flip Flop: Double Tap Left + X
Combo #6 Tabletop Xup: Doubletap Right + X

Directional Pad Balance while in Grind (left/right)
Y Button Basic Grind (press and hold when in air near a rail, edge or lip)
Combo #1 Fufanu: Up + Y
Combo #2 Smith: Left + Y
Combo #3 Cliffhanger: Right + Y
Combo #4 Xup Toothpick: Down + Y
Combo #5 Barspin Icepick: Up Right Diagonal + Y
Combo #6 Tailwhip Canadian Icepick: Down Left Diagonal + Y
Combo #7 Rock N Roll: Up Left Diagonal + Y
Combo #8 Split Decade: Down Right Diagonal + Y

Combo #1 Press and hold the Black button or push down on the Left Thumbstick while in a grind, air trick, manual or stall, then press Up for a One Hander, Left for a No Hander, Down for a One Footer, Right for a No Footer, or any diagonal for a Hald and Half.

Combo #1 EggBeater: Left + B
Combo #2 Barflip: Right + B
Combo #3 Peg Manual to Backside Undertaker: Doubletap Left + B
Combo #4 Xup Manual: Left + X
Combo #5 No Footer Manual: Right + X
Combo #6 Rope a Roni to Stubbleduck: Doubletap Left + X
Combo #7 No Footer Hang 5 to Whiplash Decade: Doubletap Right + B
Combo #8 Lung Spin: Doubletap Right + X

Combo #1 Nose Whiplash: Left + B
Combo #2 Kiss of Death: Right + B
Combo #3 Elephant Pinky Squeak to Cliffhanger: Doubletap Left + B
Combo #4 Rolling Lung Spin to Stick B: Doubletap Right + B
Combo #5 Bridge Switchup: Left + X
Combo #6 Undertaker: Right + X
Combo #7 Hang Ten: Doubletap Left + X
Combo #8 Wheelchair to Boomerang: Doubletap Right + X

Combo #1 Backwards Bridge: Left + B
Combo #2 Perverted Decade: Right + B
Combo #3 Rolling Cross Footed Undertaker: Doubletap Left + B
Combo #4 Halfflash to Backpacker to Barflip Varial: Doubletap Right + B
Combo #5 Rolling Lung Spin: Left + X
Combo #6 Switch Footed Mega Spin: Doubletap Left + X
Combo #7 Switch Footed Backwards Peg Wheelie: Right + X
Combo #8 Pegwheelie to Gliding Stick B: Doubletap Right + X

Combo #1 Whiplash: Left + B
Combo #2 Cliffhanger: Right + B
Combo #3 Whiplash to Cliffhanger: Doubletap Left + B
Combo #4 Whiplash to Carl Cruiser: Doubletap Right + B
Combo #5 Whiplash Barflip: Left + X
Combo #6 Hang 10 Peg Hop: Right + X
Combo #7 Carl Cruiser Barflip: Doubletap Left + X
Combo #8 Whiplash Halfhiker Barflip: Doubletap Right + X

Combo #1 The Bridge Manual (Triple Tap Up while landing) is available to anyone. Its Flatland Tricks are listed below.
Combo #2 Switch Footed Carl Cruiser: Left + B
Combo #3 Cliffhanger to Carl Cruiser: Right + B
Combo #4 Barhop to Undertaker to Decade: Doubletap Left + B
Combo #5 Boomerang to Steamroller to Barflip: Doubletap Right + B
Combo #6 Gripride: Left + X
Combo #7 Surfer: Right + X
Combo #8 Steamroller to Backwards Hitchiker: Doubletap Left + X
Combo #9 Superman Decade Tiregrab: Doubletap Right + X