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Not game of the year yet still very good

posted by MyTZuS (WOODSTOCK, GA) Nov 25, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

Unfortunately I played Assassins Creed before this and I found myself frustrated and trying to do things that I could do in AS while in ME to no avail.

I guess I had just gotten so used to being able to go ANYWHERE I wanted and do WHATEVER I wanted WHENEVER I wanted that it had spoiled me for this game. Although good (meaning finally a scifi rpg)it just looks very limited (in gameplay and story) next to AS.

And, why is everyone drooling over the graphics in this game??? I have a Samsung Flat panel LCD HDTV and yes the game looks good.... but not better than AS or a host of other games out there. Again, spoiled by AS yet I still don't see the mind blowing graphics that this game is supposed to have.

Its a SciFi RPG with SciFi elements.

Would have preferred another KOTOR but whatcha gonna do?


Game is pretty, nice graphics but not mind blowing which thanks to the hype has put a damper on it for me.

Story is typical SciFi fare. Nothing original in it (for those of us over 30 and used to reading a lot.... which these days means more than one book a year).

Gameplay is narrow and restricted.... linear. I could write a book on that alone.


This is just going to be a rental and whether I finish this game is yet to be determined.

It didn't help that this game was hyped as it was since that only leads to my great disappointment which challenges me to put that aside as well as the memories of other great games and give this a chance on its own merit.

Then again, might just send it back and go play a linear game that was actually more enjoyable, KOTOR.

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GF Rating


Best game I've ever played!

posted by REV1EWER (WINCHESTER, KY) Nov 25, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

First 10 I've ever given a game & this is well worth it. I could care less if Gamespot gave it a 8.5, frankly they can't review. This game is brilliant.

Pros - Great Story if not the best in a long time.
- Graphics are in the top class of next gen
- Combat requires tactics & you have many abilities/weapons to use.
- The replay value is greater then any RPG I've ever played. I beat 3 times since release.
- Alot to keep you busy, sidequests-etc
- Dialogue/Music are fantastic
- You really feel as if this is your story & you are commander Shepard.
- Alot of choices that are pretty difficult & test your morality.
- The list could go on.

Cons - As in Halo 2 the graphics may take a while to catch up with themselves (character models/detail)
- Framerate dropped a handfull of times in some big combat scenarios (many games have, Oblivion-Halo-Many in the past have), but can be overlooked.

??? (Iffy & questionable) - My first play through took about 20 hours. Mainstory can be completed from 10-12 hours, All sidequests can take around 8-10 hours. On average the game length will be 20-30 hours.
- Being a Renegade (Bad guy persay) really ruins the story in my opinion, it's better to play as a good guy (paragon).
- Many difficulty options to choose from, anything above normal will require skill & patience.
- A little confusing at first but give it about an hour or two & you'll get the hang of it.

After beating the game one question came to mind
"Wheres the sequel?"
This is Game Of The Year & RPG Of The Year in my opinion. Gears of war the next Halo, I don't think so Mass Effect is a game any gamer should like in some way.


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Sci-Fi Suprise

posted by rollins13 (LOST CREEK, WV) Nov 25, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

when I first started to play this game, I didn't know what to expect - I was tremendously suprised. I customized my character and began playing. The story is engrossing and well developed, and the soundtrack hearkens back to foreboding sci-fi flicks like 2001, Event Horizon and Alien. The game play itself reminds me of Deus Ex: Invisible War with a combo of Knights of the Old Republic. Controls are simple enough with a FPS feel to it. The ability to control your sqadmates works very well - this is an overall great game for people who hate the RPG's that have that medieval theme to it. My only complaints are : 1. squad choosing is a pain; and 2. leveling up your squad is a little difficult to understand at first with low level caps. Great game - play it - love it.

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