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posted by Indulgence (MONTCLAIR, NJ) Nov 25, 2007

Member since Dec 2005

This game is probably one of the greatest games to come around in awhile. Graphics are absolutely stunning, voice acting is amazing and the gameplay is awesome. The only thing that bugs me is that I keep on seeing too many similarities between this and the star wars: knights of the old republic games. Since Bioware developed them both, this is quite understandable. Otherwise, this game is perfect in every way. Can't wait for the next one to come out.

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A "10" Worthy Game

posted by Shinataku (SAN DIEGO, CA) Nov 25, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

Right off the bat I just have to say that the fact that i even played this game is an amazing feat. I hated RPGs like this like "Knight of the Old Republic" But this one is an exception.

The graphics and pretty decent. I'm not a man who cares at all about graphics in a game, but sometimes you just need to stop and take in the view.

The fighting is quite impressive. I love shooters and this game brought out all the fun in it. And to throw in a twist, you can sit back and let your teamates kill while you support them with "Spells and Abilities" which is more fun I think, but your teammates can't really handle stuff that well on higher difficulties.

The Storyline is one of the more interesting aspects. I try not to bother with the storyline of games because they tend to be quite pointless. But this storyline was fun to pay attention to and you will see yourself "Investigating" a lot of people. There are small flaws in the storyline though but they could just be things they didn't mention rather then be flaws

The only reason this game didn't get a 10 is because I still have a slight bias against RPGs, and because I got gltiched into a wall and had to revert to my save that was 15 minutes before about 3 or 4 times.

After I beat a game I never replay it. But I so badly wanted to see the other ending of this game that I replayed it so I could enjoy the storyline more.

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Not game of the year yet still very good

posted by MyTZuS (WOODSTOCK, GA) Nov 25, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

Unfortunately I played Assassins Creed before this and I found myself frustrated and trying to do things that I could do in AS while in ME to no avail.

I guess I had just gotten so used to being able to go ANYWHERE I wanted and do WHATEVER I wanted WHENEVER I wanted that it had spoiled me for this game. Although good (meaning finally a scifi rpg)it just looks very limited (in gameplay and story) next to AS.

And, why is everyone drooling over the graphics in this game??? I have a Samsung Flat panel LCD HDTV and yes the game looks good.... but not better than AS or a host of other games out there. Again, spoiled by AS yet I still don't see the mind blowing graphics that this game is supposed to have.

Its a SciFi RPG with SciFi elements.

Would have preferred another KOTOR but whatcha gonna do?


Game is pretty, nice graphics but not mind blowing which thanks to the hype has put a damper on it for me.

Story is typical SciFi fare. Nothing original in it (for those of us over 30 and used to reading a lot.... which these days means more than one book a year).

Gameplay is narrow and restricted.... linear. I could write a book on that alone.


This is just going to be a rental and whether I finish this game is yet to be determined.

It didn't help that this game was hyped as it was since that only leads to my great disappointment which challenges me to put that aside as well as the memories of other great games and give this a chance on its own merit.

Then again, might just send it back and go play a linear game that was actually more enjoyable, KOTOR.

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