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Literally the best game I've ever played

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Nov 19, 2007

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I've reviewed a lot of games on Gamefly but this is the first 10 I've ever given. I'd give it an 11 if I could. The first thing you'll notice when you pop the game in is, obviously, the graphics. Let me just say... wow. The character models are the best I've ever seen, with incredible detail right down to the wrinkles and skin spots. The environments, while fantastic, are vast and open so they don't have quite the detail as a close-quarters game like, say, Gears of War.

Speaking of Gears of War, the combat is very similar. It's frantic, third-person, over-the-shoulder view. Your squadmates can be given orders by bringing up an action menu, but you can just run and gun and ignore all that if you want to. I don't think die-hard shooter fans will feel the combat is quite up to snuff with what they're used to, but you miss out on the really good stuff anyways if you don't embrace the fact that this is an RPG.

So, being that this is an RPG, you come to expect some dialog. This game completely redefines what conversation should be like in a game. You get a variety of choices in what you want to say, but you really only pick the tone, not the actual words. You can decide to just be mean to people, and that can run anywhere from calling somebody stupid to actually point-blank shooting them in the face. Now that's mean! Also, you can yell at your squadmates for screwing up, and then actually feel bad when they get embarrassed or upset. Any game that can make you feel real emotion for fake people is a prime example of videogames as an art.

The storyline is also fantastic. In fact, I think the Mass Effect trilogy would be a good replacement for Episodes 1-3 of Star Wars. I've read the Mass Effect prequel book also, which fleshes out the storyline even more.

So, in conclusion, I would recommend Mass Effect to every and all 360 owners. It is role-playing redefined. It is a perfect example of "Next-Gen" and of the awesomeness videogames bring to the world.

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Bioware has outdone themselves... again!

posted by KrispyD (YORK, PA) Nov 19, 2007

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Bioware has a long history of making top of the line RPGs, and this is by far the crown jewel in the lineup. The graphics, the story, the game play, all killer aspects making an amazing game package the likes of which I've never played. I don't think I've ever even considered giving another game a ten before this, and if I have, this game should be an 11, if not higher.

You play as Commander Shepard, the first human allowed to be a Specter agent. You can choose the looks of your character, male or female, and even go so far as to choose different background stories. I've don't recall ever having this much control over my characters personality before in a game.

The choices are fairly standard RPG fare, though they have a sci fi twist. Pretty much think of the classes from KotOR, only with biotics instead of force powers. Unlike other games though, the different classes actually do play differently. It's almost like a brand new game each time.

The most important aspect of any RPG is the story and the characters, and ME delivers by leaps and bounds. All the characters are fully voiced, and acted quite well, even the main character. The dialog wheel is probably the greatest innovation to RPGs since heal potions. Some of the choices you have to make are pretty brutal and will really make you think.

There are a few tech problems. The game is glitchy at times, NPCs will get stuck and textures take a moment to load when entering a new area, but I honestly didn't really notice these too much until I watched my wife play. There is some framerate issues, which is a little upsetting considering how long this has been in development.

The combat is so-so. If this was a shooter, it would be average, but as an RPG, it's pretty fantastical. Shooter fans might feel something is lacking, but the RPG elements more than make up for it. It's sort of the opposite of Bioshock in that way.

All in all, this is a can't miss game. It actually lives up to the hype.

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An INCREDIBLE adventure that will keep you busy!!!

posted by DooDooMake (PITTSBURGH, PA) Mar 17, 2010

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To start things off, I have never played a game as much or as long as this one. Maaaayyyybe Metal Gear Solid for the PS2, but even that is close. Also, its been a while since ive played this game, but its still fresh. I just felt it deserved more good reviews!
I received this game as a gift and actually put off playing it for a bit. Man, was I surprised! This is, quite honestly, my favortie game of ALL TIME. The combat system felt great, and was very easy to manage. The special abilities of every character had great advantages and uses in certain situations.
The depth behind the the story and each character is 100% original and intriguing. I actually wanted to spend time talking to each character to find out more and develop in-depth relationships (kinda sappy, but extremely original). The story is incredibly awesome. It feels like the game could be directly turned into a pretty kick-butt movie!
With more progression through the game, the item management and character levelling become a strong part of the games play. I love loot-hunting and receiving unique rewards for side missions. Which bring me to the side-missions; they are fun and extremely numerous! Even the side missions feel like parts of the actual mission. There are no silly, mindless go-and-do-this filler missions. One even takes you to the moon to destroy a rogue AI system that takes over an entire army base!
With all of this said, this game is astounding. The scenery is beautiful, the story is deep, and the play is enveloping! I played through the game once and IMMEDIATELY started a new one. The desire to see what effects your decisions have is very strong.



Can't wait to play 2 (next in my Q). Also, if you liked this game....try Borderlands!

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