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GF Rating


Almost perfect

posted by Killermandude (MASON, OH) Mar 24, 2012

Member since Mar 2012


Let's get it out of the way to start with - why do people hate the ending? EVERYTHING about the ending is good, with the exception of the entire... premise....

Basically - a conversation tells you at the end "I created synthetic life, to wipe out all organic life, before they make synthetic life, and wipe out all organic life". The premise makes no sense, no one buys it, and it upsets many loyal fans.

Decisions - EVERY SINGLE decision you have made will rear it's head at some point in this game, even if you don't import a character, the default choices will impact how your game plays out. When you get to the end, even being 100% "Renegade", you can choose the "Paragon" ending, and vice versa (I think this upset some other people about the ending

Gameplay - What we've come to expect from ME1 and Me2, and even more improved. More skills, "bonus" skills, upgrading weapons, weapon customization, same old cover system - with an added "roll" system (will be annoying to ME1-ME2 fans at first, until you get used to not tapping A while moving).

Multiplayer - Amazing. Yes you need an online pass - buy one for 8 bucks. If you don't have 8 bucks - you can't use their servers - simple. Bronze is very easy, Gold is very hard, and Silver is a solid challenge. Completing online matches raises your galaxies "state of readiness", and increases the strength of your final assault on the reapers.

Story - You really don't spend as much time with your Crew as I would've liked, but, everyone moved on in the 2 years you were off duty - and you'll find that out as you go on.

Overall - Perfect game, with an ending that on a purely "logical" basis - made no sense. However, a great ending. Especially if you finish with the "best" ending, a lot of the problems are resolved.

Only 9/10 because of the whole "synthetic life to kill organic life before it kills itself", it just doesn't make sense...

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GF Rating


Great Game(overall)

posted by okunamu_dagreat (VISTA, CA) Mar 23, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

Mass Effect 3 is a good game. I loved to see that my actions in ME2 actually affect my gameplay in ME3. Was there ever a game that did that in the past? I loved to fight with my homeboy Garrus to the end.

However, the end was unsatisfying and dull. I don't want to spoil it so I'll just say that the game is incomplete without the ending that I played 3 games for. Luckily I have a strong imagination that allowed me to finish the story in my head, but I'd really like to have known more.

The overall game is fantastic, although it breaks my heart to see characters I knew and fought with die before my very eyes. It feels so very real, like it's not even a game but I actually am Commander Shepard.

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GF Rating


Absolutely amazing!

posted by claydan77 (APO, AE) Mar 23, 2012

Member since May 2011

Hands down...this is my all time favorite game! The story was incredible, the fighting was intense, the overall look and feel of the game is amazing, the voice acting is excellent, the characters are unforgettable...I can go on. I played both ME games and this one definitely tried tying up as many loose ends as possible. Fans will always complain about how games end, but I think that this was a long time coming and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I'll miss it, but I'm hoping that perhaps Bioware will make a spin-off in the future. This game is definitely worth buying.

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