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Multiplayer Rocks!!!!!

posted by supermanbearpig (MOUNT WASHINGTON, KY) Apr 5, 2012

Member since May 2011

First off let me start off by telling a little about myself. I am a 31 year old father of 3 young boys, I am married and work full time in my family business. I have been playing games back when Nintendo's "Power Pad" and "Power Glove" where the "it" thing.
The multiplayer has got to be the most addictive since Halo 2 and the first Gears of War. Yes, bold statement but once you play it you will understand. It's class based horde style co-op. The deisre to earn the most money and xp goes without saying with the depth that both provide not only to the multiplayer part, but to the single player part as well. By winning matches you raise your readiness in each theater of war in the campaign which goes to help in the fight to win Earth back from the Reapers. Everytime you level a character up you can then import them to the theather of war thus adding 10% automatically to each section. The packages that you buy with your money in the multiplayer are random items anywhere from a new weapon to a new character. Different dificulties, worlds, and factions keep it interesting also.
The single player is the best of all three games except for a couple of things.
1. The list of squad mates is dumbed down to a bunch of soldiers and NO KROGANS!!!!! That was the biggest upset for me (Grunt was my favorite from 2)
2. The romancing seems really dumbed down also, which I enjoyed going through all the motions and saying the wrong thing and being rejected it felt more real. Now if you import your stuck with only Ashley (who doesn't trust you at all because of Cerberus and it's hard to even engage her in a conversation that doesn't end with her still not trusting you) and Garrus.

Either way you play it you will enjoy every minute and still crave more (DLC). The best game of the decade so far for me. Do yourself a favor and BUY don't RENT you will have to spend $10 to play the online features if you RENT. And without a doubt buy the "From Ashes" DLC it's worth it.

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Mass Effect 3- commander Shepard's final b

posted by johnwolfe (VINTON, OH) Apr 5, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

the mass effect series is one of the best sci-fi games, heck, games in general, ever made, and mass effect only adds to it's already massive reputation
there are more weapons than ever before, and are now even customizable, you can make a pistol-sniper hybrid, or a super powerful warp shotgun, the choice is yours. and the new weight mechanic is also useful, i suppose, although i liked it when i could carry everything and blow off powers like a dream, but that's minor. and their are new powers, too, the return of the gernades, and new biotic and warp powers. and the new multiplayer is also fun, and it even adds to the single player campaign in a way.
speaking of which, the single player campaign is everything i could have hoped for, and the ending is good, TO ME. (the ending can be good, or bad depending on everything you do at the end, and i do mean everything) and the whole game story is, in my opinion, much better than mass effect 2's.
and before i go, let me tell you that if you rush through the game, you'll probably get a bad ending, and if you dont invest in multiplayer, your chances will be even less. you need to take your time, visit places often, and do off-story missions for the best ending.
my only complait is... nothing, thos is a structurally perfect games in my opinion, and you all should try it, although i'd advise getting the other two first, you'd understand the game better.
mass effect 3 is everything i could have hoped for, and more, and is definetly one of the best games of this year

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What Gaming should Be

posted by jrleahy16 (IRVING, TX) Apr 4, 2012

Member since Apr 2011

The story-line was amazing, the action was fulfilling and best of all I felt in control of the whole thing.

Best Game I've ever played.

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