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Not a game. Just a bad interactive movie

posted by OAlexanderR (PORT LAVACA, TX) Aug 27, 2012

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If you like to play video games dont waste your time. First off, i played ten hours and i must have seen 7-8 hours of clips and cut scenes that were completely dull and point less. Everytime you go on a mission or even land at home base you spend about 30 minutes playing and an hour or so just watching "basically" a movie. The controlls and gameplay are a an epic fail. Graphics-A, Gameplay-F, Fun-F = Result dont buy or rent it sucked

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Im Commander Shepard and...Assuming Direct Control

posted by burntice61 (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Mar 5, 2012

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Mass Effect is probably the greatest RPG series ever made and with the third and final game, its officially the greatest videogame series ever created. Mass Effect 3 concludes the story of Commander Shepard, theres a war waging across the earth and its up to him and his crew(the ones who survived ME1/2) to stop the Reapers. You travel the galaxy looking for help against the Reapers, whether it be the Turians, Salarians, Krogans or Asari, you're gonna need help. So the final battle is here and im gonna break it down for ya:

The Good:
-Story, Mass Effect isn't about flashy action, its about the amazing tale of a man(or woman) who became the greatest hero(or villain) the human race has ever seen, and with this game you see how it all ends.
-n00b support, i had how that came out but its true, Bioware will take you through a short prologue, telling you how it all began, which sets it up perfectly if you are new to the series.
-Graphics, while ME2 was blew ME1 out of the water in terms of graphics, ME3 does the same. The characters look as good as ever, the effects are spectacular and the new areas are incredible to look at.
-Combat, its been a long and bumpy road for combat in ME, ME1's clunky cover system is long gone and the lack of grenades in ME2 been added back into ME3. The new omni blade adds a new melee tactic that is extremely fun to use while close up.
-Character Development, The fact that EVERY SINGLE decision in Mass Effect 1 and 2 up to this point make a huge difference in what plays in ME3, like who you chose to help in ME1 and who survived the final collector battle in ME2 as with what your morality choices were, every choice matters!

The MEH, yes its true.
-Glitches, they aren't game breaking, but some of the conversations have awkward lip sync and body animations some times flutter around, but its not common.

The BAD, NONE. Ill instead conclude with a tweaked quote, "I'm Commander Shepard and this is the best game on the Citadel."

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Above Average

Great game for the most part,disappointing ending

posted by ozrael (GALLOWAY, OH) Mar 23, 2012

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The Mass Effect trilogy is by far the best trilogy of this generation. Mass Effect 3 should have been a culmination of everything that you have done since ME1, except at least for me the ending ruins it. I could easily of given this game a 10/10 and would have before reaching the conclusion. The game play is amazing, controls are excellent, and the story is simply the most engaging and emotional story for any game I have played. However the endings are a severe disappointment for me, and most people because BW pretty much throws out all of the decisions that you have made, and everything done for all 3 games in the span of 10 minutes. If you have read any of the statements from BW employees regarding this game and the Ending then do yourself a favor and don't play it, because much of what we were told was a lie essentially giving us the exact opposite of what was said. For example Casey Hudson said that "the endings would vary widely, that since this is the last game in the Shepard storyline that not everyone would get the same exact end cause there is nothing they have to tie up for another game, also that the endings would be much like ME2 but more complex and that you wouldn't be able to say that you got ending A, B, or C." Without spoiling to much of the game or ending I will say that the end does indeed come down to choosing either A, B or C, and that there is very little variance in what happens after choosing. It's highly disappointing to see that almost nothing done in the games matter at the end, and that they ended up giving everyone the exact same scenes etc... So regardless of your choices, all 3 ends force major things to happen. They also broke from their great storytelling and gave every character you've known over the trilogy a complete personality change in the last few minutes, to me it feels like this was done to make the endings work, but good storytelling fits the story to the characters, the opposite of what they did at the end.

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