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Very Good

The End?

posted by copp417m (LARGO, FL) Mar 11, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

Owning a PS3 i have only played ME2 before this. Its an extremely engrossing EPIC story and great gameplay, until the end. without spoiling anything the last 30 minutes or so are the most disappointing in recent history, in fact their is a internet uprising to change the end. Apart from that and a few bugs that will be cleared up via patches in the future the rest of the game is outstanding. Great characters and a good 30-40 hrs of single player gameplay. At the moment it is not as good as its predecessor but future DLC and patches may change that. I gave it an 8 out of 10 because in spite of my personal disappointment, and because there may be changes coming, it is still a great experience.

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GF Rating


Mass Effect 3

posted by HntingMaster (SPENCER, NC) Mar 11, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

Great game.....until it freezes in the same location everytime. 3 times it froze in the same place. The music still played and you could hear the sounds but the picture was gone and the controller was unresponsive. I can't go any further in the game so sending it back and until they fix the little bug that's where it's gonna stay.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Better than 2 but still not as good as 1

posted by dante5d (VENTURA, CA) Mar 10, 2012

Member since Jun 2011

Overall i thought it was great that bioware actually took peoples complaints from 2 and actually fixed(atleast most) of them but anywase onto the review. If you've played previous mass effects your probably aware of how the mechanics work; dialogue, ethical choice, fly ship to new planet, combat mission, repeat(which turns out to be a pretty successful formula. there is plenty of variety in the gameplay and a gripping conclusion to an epic saga.
The things is didnt like however are pretty overwhelming....... though there is an overwhelming variety of weapons, there is little variety in difference's between the weapons in each category with a few exception,s they are pretty all the same. The numner and variety of squad members was rather underwhelming, i appreciated the return of Garris but overall the only real new characters are EDI as a hot robot vixen, and a big hispanic guy whos basically taking Jacobs spot as the brute ethnic character. The story was pretty strong till you got to the ending which i wont spoil but it was kind of lame (admittedly i only did the "ethically right" ending but from what ive the other 3 were just as dumb so im not about to hold my breathe through another play through). there were like someone already mentioned a fair share of glitches which i feel should have been addressed pre-release. And finally (this is probably my biggest quirk right here) none of the ethical dilemmas really felt like they really mattered; the carryover events from previous games really made no difference. oh legion died? no problem, there is a legion clone, oh you killed the rachni queen? no probem there is another one. and the ones in the game dont really feel like they significantly impact anything.
overall it was fun, but it was rather disappointing when there was so much that it could have been(it was one if those dragon age II moments....)

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