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Very Good


posted by ClassicGamer325 (LAKE WORTH, FL) May 1, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

you haven't played the first one it's ok since Mass Effect 2 is like a party your better of joining late then never going at all, and trust me when I say your in for one hel of a party.

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GF Rating


A Cornerstone Game

posted by KmanGT (GERMANTOWN, TN) Apr 23, 2011

Member since Oct 2008

Thoughout my lengthy video game career few games have stuck out as going above and beyond just a game. These games have deep story lines and characters that you can really bond with, as well as an amazing playing experience. Mass Effect 2 has a rich story line, full of twists and turns combined with a system that lets you affect the outcome. You play Captain Shepard, the hero from Mass Effect(1), who has been brought back by a corporation interested in furthering human cause. You board your futuristic ship and travel all over the Milky Way Galaxy doing missions to defeat the evil reapers. The game allows you to control conversations, team members, weapons, experience points, relationships to your crew and development of your character into the good guy or the bad guy.

-The freedom to fly anywhere and do almost anything
-Picking from a wide variety for your team
-Weapons/power upgrades
-Armor customization
-Dense story line where you control the outcome
-Beautifully animated
-Lots of side missions/people to talk to outside of main story
-Awesome alien history and backgrounds

-The loading is JUST AWFUL
-You don't get to choose which weapons your character gets
-The battles are too easy
-Lots of glitches/characters freeze/disappear
-Overall battle control system seems a bit sticky, but it's good

Overall, A-. Very refined, good story, hours and hours of fun. Dealing with long loads and glitches hurt this game the most.

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GF Rating


One of the best BioWare games i've ever played.

posted by SonicHeadK240 (WATERVLIET, NY) Apr 18, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

I've never played Mass Effect 1, but when they re-released Mass Effect 2 on to PS3 it blew me away. The game play is by far the best third-person rpg game play i've ever experienced. I can't wait for Mass Effect 3.

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