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The Defining Game of this Console Generation

posted by Obrusnine (TONAWANDA, NY) Feb 11, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

59 out of 79 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Now, before I even get this started off, there is only one thing to say. This is the BEST game ever made. Sure, some of you might not agree with me, but I'm reviewing from a non-biased viewpoint. Bioware really outdid themselves with this one, here are some pros and cons.

+Blended RPG and Shooter Gameplay making an excellent Hybrid
+Length (30-60 hours depending on if you do all the loyalty missions)
+Epic Ending
+Loyalty Missions
+Player Choice
+Voice Acting
-RPG Elements Underplayed
-Cerberus Network

As you can see, the Pros vastly outweight the cons. You will never know exactly what I mean by "Awesome" until you really look at and play this game. The Story is a very strong science fiction, the characters are very lifelike, the gameplay is an awesome blend of RPG and Shooter gameplay, the game is very long, there is like a million side quests that will take you a very very long time after the end to beat. There is also the newly added Loyalty Missions that really make you go in-depth with these characters. The ending is epic, the voice acting is professional, the music is the best in any game I've ever played, the player choice is staggering, and it has excellent value. All of the DLC released on the Xbox360/PC versions of the game is all completely free as long as you buy a new copy of the game and get your Cerberus Network code. Cerberus Network is the biggest problem with this game, if you buy the game used or rent it, you will not get access to the Cerberus Network unless you fork over $15 extra, and this is the only way you can get access to a small amount of free DLC. The big DLC packs are on the disk. This is still dissapointing to see EA pulling this one again, they did it with Battlefield Bad Company 2 and it seems EA hasn't learned from their mistakes when gamers roared with genuine distaste. But, don't let this keep you from playing this beautiful game

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Best game ever on the PS3 period.

posted by amoneyandy (FORT DODGE, IA) Jan 22, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

37 out of 52 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

This game has the most epic ending that I have ever played. I wont spoil it but it really all depends on actions that you take during the game and because of that there are just so many things that can happen. Its so amazing how they keep you on your toes the ENTIRE final mission. Most games have pretty basic storylines but this one has you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Shepards pep talks had my adrenaline pupming, the graphics are phenomenal, inter-character realtionships are amazing, combat is flawless, the story is original and extremely well made, and the music is even good. This game is a must buy for anybody who likes action games at all. Even beyond the main storyline there are still tons of side missions to do. THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER ON THE PS3. Ea knocked this out of the park.

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posted by okgame (SARATOGA, CA) Jan 21, 2011

Member since Sep 2006

32 out of 45 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I was waiting for this game to come out for PS3 and finally it's here! I got it yesterday and haven't stopped playing it since. It's incredibly entertaining and most of it's shortcomings don't bother me since the entertainment value is so high. One hting that bugs me is when people rate it low because there's "too much talking" and "not enough shooting". If you want a shoot 'em up game then get COD or Killzone or something. This is listed under RPG where the majority of the entertainment lies in the story line, character development and the bond you build with your teammates. This game, in my opnion, has hte perfect amount of shooting and deep storyline mixture which is why i rated it so high. I look forward to Mass Effect 3!!

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