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Still a great game! MINOR SPOILERS

posted by Posthuman (TACOMA, WA) Jan 30, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

Having only played Mass Effect 1 for the first time two months prior to the release of this one (and loving it!) I was extremely excited for this game to come out. That excitement never went away, was enthralling from the moment I started till the very end. That's not to say it's completely perfect..but it is still a very fun game.

I'll keep this short instead of writing a novel and just list my pros, cons, and the neutral aspects.

Incredible continuation of the story (and would be a great story for people who didn't play ME 1)
Nice starting off bonuses for character importation
No more Mako
More involvement with your ship and crew (Upgrades & Missions)
Lots of game changers based on your actions

Resources (read note 1)
Hacking (read note 2)
A lot more loading times

1: You collect 4 types of resources to upgrade your weapons and ship. You do this by scanning planets and launching probes. At first this is fun, but it is a slow process that takes a lot of time and becomes boring quickly.

2: There are two types of this..bypass and hacking. Bypassing stuff is easy, you just match up symbols. Hacking requires you to match up 3 different types of code sheets. Sometimes this is pretty easy, other times I'm completely mystified as to where the matching code is and am running out of time to match it up. If you fail, often times you're locked out of whatever it was you were trying to hack into. No Omni-Gel to blow it open :(

Neutral (SPOILER):
Almost an entire new crew. It's neat having new members of your team, but a handful of them just aren't interesting. Some I flat out don't like at all. You run into your old crew members around the galaxy, but they only have minor involvements.


I wish they had followed a little more of the old design of the game, that is the only thing keeping me for giving this a perfect 10 like I did with Mass Effect 1. I still recommend anyone to play this game, you'll have a lot of fun.

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posted by Profetj187 (BALLWIN, MO) Jan 30, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

I am a huge fan of ME1 and been playing since it orginally came out and kept playing until ME2 came out. Now, with EA's history I did not get my hopes up about this game at all just because EA tends to sabotage games and just make them okay instead of GREAT. After, my first 5 hours I was hooked, yes they changed a few things in the game, at first I did not like the ammo clips they use now but, after playing it and going into a couple battles and playing with cyro shot and all that fun stuff I understand now. ME2 is by far a great leap for the Mass Effect series and if they keeping moving forward with series instead of backwards like some of EA's others games then third ME will be FANTASTIC. All I can say is if you like action/adventure games and RPG's then this is a must see and play game.

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posted by JustJra (FLOYD, VA) Jan 29, 2010

Member since Oct 2008

I've played many, many video games. THIS IS THE BEST

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