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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds


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A Blast From the Past... in HD

posted by CitiRaven (GRAND CANYON, AZ) Feb 18, 2011

Member since Feb 2009

Throughout the mid to late 90s, you couldn't walk into a video arcade without seeing one of the many titles in the Capcom vs. series. Hearing the Capcom guy proudly yell out the name "Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter!" always gave me chills.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 does a great job of bringing back old memories in glorious HD with visuals that look like they jumped right off a comic book page. Like any game in the series, MvC3 has its share of joke characters (Deadpool, Viewtiful Joe), combo freak shoo-ins (Zero from Mega Man X, Dante from Devil May Crie, Super Skrull, Dormmamu) and the old classics (Iron Man, Captain America, Ryu, Morrigan).

There are some improvements to the old formula. If you like a team setup, you can save it and make character selection fly by. Up to three teams can be put on reserve for use in any game mode.

MvC3 is also probably the most accessible fighting game ever concieved. You can literally pick up your controller and be almost awesome in minutes. There are three main attacks (Light, Medium, Hard) and a launcher button. Depending on your character, just about any move can combo into the next, and while it does take a bit of learning even for vets of the series, the end result is poetry in motion.

Outside the fighting is where the game tends to annoy. The Arcade mode can be cleared in about twenty minutes, and the "story" is nonexistant, and to save space, I will spare you the uninteresting details. You face Galactus after several fights that have nothing to do with anything.

Online matchmaking is a pain. I have no problems playing other online games, but Capcom seems to have dropped the ball on this one. Player and Ranked matches never work for me, unless I go into arcade mode with Fight Request turned on. I do most of my work in lobbies, but for some reason, spectators can no longer spectate. Instead we have to wait while we watch unnamed health bars decrease. Very disappointing.

If you can look past these, MvC3 is worth a rent

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As much as any gamer could ask for.

posted by JM64 (NEW KENSINGTON, PA) Feb 18, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

I am a fighting game moth, always gravitating to the brightest one in the bunch.

Excluding the Wii, and with PS3's lack of cross-session parties, in my opinion the 360 version is the one to get. It's always fun and keeps me interested. The online ranked matches leave constant room for improvement in skill for serious players like me.

The lack of time attack and survival is an issue, which I would counter-argue with this point: What's a couple extra leaderboards? That's all they would be...

The licenses (All viewable no matter who's gamertag you're looking at) display every byte of data you would want to know about your friends and recent players. with a few taps of the right shoulder button, You can see how they fight, who they use, and where they spent the most play-time. For a stat-tracker like me, There's nothing more I could want, besides a free-spectator mode for any online player. Haha. That would be too much...

Anyway, The mission mode provides guided combo lessons for any character (the slow ones are easier), The training mode has lag simulation, The arcade mode has the fight request option for player or ranked matches, and the computer can smack the snot out'cha. Galactus is a fun boss, too. All in all, I hope everyone is still playing this game in ten years. Cuz I definitely will be, unless they make a fourth one.

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Very Good

Ten Years is worth the wait for anyone

posted by imei2006 (NEWMARKET, NH) Feb 18, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

MvC3 has had a great amount of anticipation since it's announcement, and I was one of those who anxiously waited for it. I can say with certainty that it was worth the wait. Although I was saddened by how small the roster, it made up for it by making all of the character's balanced. The inclusion of simple mode really sold it to me. I have never been good at fighting games. Only by divine luck I could pull off a shoryuken. Now with the simple mode it makes into more of a smash brothers styled control scheme thus far more accessible for those who are a fan of the franchise but were frustrated by the level of skill. The combos are still fantastic, and I just love the little nods to both of the series' collective cannon. My complaints are more of variety. Some will cry foul for DLC being new characters, but it seems to be the best use of it for fighting games if it is priced right, though I still wished there were a few more characters from number 2 (Megaman come on). Plus I wish i could spectate the battles while waiting for a turn at the winner of a lobby, but it is still a worthy entry for the genre, and it is a move forward for others to enter into the genre. Good on ya Capcom.

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