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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds


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Also on:PS3
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Unlock Airborne Fighter License Card

Perform an Air Combo during an Arcade/Online match.

Unlock Bring It On! License Card

Perform 30 counter hits during an Arcade/Online match

Unlock Burnin' Up! License Card

Win with 50 Hyper Combo K.O.'s

Unlock Cooling Down License Card

Win a match with chip damage (opponent blocking)

Unlock First Hit Wins License Card

Get "First Attack" bonus 50 times.

Unlock I Ain't Done Yet! License Card

Win with the X-Factor ability active

Unlock Just As Planned License Card

Win 10 online matches when time runs out

Unlock Reading Your Mind License Card

Perform a Team Air Combo

Unlock Schemer License Card

Win with chip damage (opponent blocking) 10 times

Unlock Win With Experience License Card

Perform a Team Air Counter

Unlock Akuma

Earn 2000 Player Points (PP)

Unlock Taskmaster

Earn 8000 Player Points (PP)

Unlock Character's 3D Model, Bio, Ending, and Art

Finish off Galactus with any character to unlock these items for that character.

Unlock Piece of Character Art

Complete a Mission Mode assignment with any character to unlock their art.

Unlock Special Ending

Lose the fight against Galactus

Unlock Special 3D Model and Bio

Complete Arcade Mode with every character

Unlock Character License Cards

To get all five License Card titles: Complete Arcade Mode, complete Arcade Mode on Very Hard, complete five Missions, complete all Missions, and use the character 30 times.

Unlock Hsien-Ko

Earn 6000 Player Points (PP)

Unlock Sentinel

Earn 4000 Player Points (PP)

Unlock Danger Room artwork

Complete Arcade Mode once

Unlock Daily Bugle artwork

Complete Arcade Mode twice

Unlock Metro City artwork

Complete Arcade Mode three times

Unlock Demon Village artwork

Complete Arcade Mode four times

Unlock Kattlelox Island artwork

Complete Arcade Mode five times

Unlock Hand Hideout artwork

Complete Arcade Mode six times

Unlock S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier artwork

Complete Arcade Mode seven times

Unlock Asgard artwork

Complete Arcade Mode eight times

Unlock Tricell Laboratory artwork

Complete Arcade Mode nine times

Unlock Fate of the Earth artwork

Complete Arcade Mode ten times

Unlock 2nd Opening Movie

Earn 15,000 Player Points (PP)

Unlock 3rd Opening Movie

Earn 30,000 Player Points (PP)

Unlock 4th Opening Movie

Earn 60,000 Player Points (PP)