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Hayato Profile

Hayato's plasma combo variations make him a strong combo player, but most special moves lack quick recovery time and leave him wide open for an opponent to counter. Hayato's sword gives him decent reach, but only an above -average to expert player should select him up for assist type --,use his expansion type.

Change clock in background

To change the time of the clock in the background of the clock level, simply change the PlayStation2's system time.

114-hit combo

Select Gambit, Iron Man, and War Machine, then get a level 3 hyper combo gauge and do all their hyper combos (L + R). It should do a 114-hit combo. If not, try starting the Hyper Combo with another person.

153 hit combo

Select Cable, Iron Man, and War Machine. Get Special to at least three. When someone comes out to help out your opponent, let loose with your special combo and you at least get a 150 hit combo in. Results: all two or three opponents (however many is out) should have lost at least 3/4 of their health.

Get unlimited chain supers

REMEMBER: This trick only works in training mode. Set the combo gauge to infinity in the training menu. Then, start a super and start another one. This can be done an unlimited amount of times. This works best with characters who have beam supers.

Get easy special

When your special meter is at 3 or higher, press L + R to do any character's special.

Get easy points

You can get ten points a minute if you go to training mode, choose a character and opponent, then leave the game on for about five hours. REMEMBER: Do not pause the game.

Hayato - Combos

Thirteen-Hit Plasma -Sword Combo: Get your hyper gauge to level one. Jump in deep, press LP, while still in the air press LK,LP, LK, HP, Down, Down/Right, HP, Down, Down/Right [LP, HP] for seven hits.

Change team order

The order of your fighters will appear before a versus match, with "1", "2", or "3". You can select the first and second fighters of your team, and thus change the entire team order. To select the first fighter, press LP + LK for the character marked "1", MP + MK for the character marked ''2'', or HP + HK for the character marked ''3''. Then, press the same button combos to select the second fighter. Press Start to continue.

Multiple character selection

Unlock every costume and character to chose multiple people. For example, player one could chose three Charlie's and the other player could also chose three Charlie's.

Cheaper hidden fighters

Exit and enter the shop screen until the price of the hidden fighters are lower.

Continue attacking

Press Start immediately after winning the match to move almost everywhere and have the ability to continue hitting the defeated character.

Tyrant Blow him up

Send out the Tyrant. After he is done with his combo and starts yelling, press the combo for her rocket launcher and he will explode.

San San - One hit kill on Spider-Man

Use San San's Eating special and have the damage on high. Spider-Man can be defeated with one special.

How to switch characters during a match

You can use the following to switch between characters in the middle of the game. For example if you choose Cable, Ryu, then Ken, but later in the second stage you want Ryu to appear first -- Hold L for the second character and R for the third character at the versus screen.