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Marvel vs Capcom 2

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Also on:Xbox
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Gameplay Controls

Marvel vs Capcom 2

Directional Buttons Move Character/Jump (Up Buttons)/Block (Back Buttons)/Crouch
X Button Light Kick
Triangle Button Heavy Punch
Square Button Light Punch
Circle Button Heavy Kick
L2 Button Parter B Button
L1 Button Partner A Button
R2 Button Light Kick + Heavy Kick
R1 Button Light Punch + Heavy Punch
Start Button Pause
Select Button Taunt
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move Character/Jump (Up Buttons)/Block (Back Buttons)/Crouch
Combo #1 Direction (Single or Multiple) + Any Attack (Single or Multiple) = Special Moves and Combos
Combo #2 Down, Up = Super Jump
Combo #3 Forward or Back + Triangle or Circle = Throw/Grab
Combo #4 Sweep Back to Down + X or Square = Rolling Get Up
Combo #5 Square, Sqaure, Triangle or X, X, Circle = Chain Combo