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top fighting game of all time DUH

posted by moneymaka (CEDAR PARK, TX) Apr 30, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

this game is one of the greatest fighting games ever. i mean it has all the greats all wrapped up in one disc. the only way to make this game any better is that you would have to sub D.C. comics for those capcom idiots. who doesn't want to see the hulk and spiderman against the flash and venom?!

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Always awasome

posted by Myrkul (AUSTIN, TX) Oct 27, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

Its sad how you can never find a copy of this game but when you do have its pure Gold. One of the best fighting games played.

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The Ultimate Showdown.

posted by GameBo1 (KISSIMMEE, FL) Aug 20, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

Capcom is the king of fighting games ever since Street Fighter II hit arcades and home consoles, Capcom has made sequels and other fighting game licenses ever since the success of Street Fighter II. Capcom also aquired the rights from Marvel to make Marvel and X-Men fighting games in the early ninties, and also three Capcom and Marvel crossover, with "X-Men vs Street Fighter" in 1996, "Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter" in 1997, and "Marvel vs. Capcom" in 1998. Gamers referred these games as some of the best 2D/crossover fighters in history, however in 2000, Capcom and Marvel's next sequel would shock and excite millions everywhere..... "Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes". Now on to the review....

Story: Very thin, but not important. A pirate, Ruby Heart, needs stop an evil being known as Abyss, to stop the Earth from dying off. She summons the worlds greatest warriors on her airship to stop and destroy Abyss.

Gameplay: I'll be honest, gameplay is a little broken(very), but it doesn't ruin the experience. MvC games usually range from a little under or over 20 characters, but MvC2 has a large roster of 56 characters, and rather than having a 2 Man team, its now 3. With 56 fighters, and a team of 3, combination possibilities are endless.

Audio: Fighting games and Lounge Jazz do not mix. The music sucks except for Abyss' stage, and the creepy clown stage, they're ok. Better grab your iPod and speaker.

Graphics: For 2000, its pretty awesome. Although I would prefer the 2D backgrounds from earlier games, these are cool. Today, they still stand as amazing for the old-school 3D stage, and the classic, smooth 2D sprite charecters.

Overall: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is amazing. One of the best fighting games ever to be made, and a hit in the arcades, Dreamcast, PS2 and XBOX. Recently, it has been ported on PS3(I own), and XBOX 360, with HD support, along with online play, one of the best fighting games ever just got better.

Score: A perfect 10/10.

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