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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance


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Gameplay Controls

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Directional Pad Up = Control Hero 1. Down = Control Hero 4. Left = Control Hero 3. Right = Control Hero 2.
Left Thumbstick Move
Right Thumbstick Camera Control
A Button Attack. Flying Smash (Press and Hold In Mid-Jump).
B Button Smash. Flying Smash (Press and Hold In Mid-Jump).
X Button Action
Y Button Jump. Double Jump or Fly (While In Air). Swim (Press Rapidly Underwater).
White Button Team Commands
Black Button Scroll Automap
Left Trigger Block. Dodge.
Right Trigger Special Powers
Start Pause. Select = Hero Management Menu.
Combo #1 A, A, B = Knockup Attack
Combo #2 A, B, A = Trip
Combo #3 A, B, B = Stun
Combo #4 X + Left Thumbstick = Throw
Combo #5 X + A (Press Rapidly) = Melee Combo
Combo #6 X + B = Smash Attack