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Marvel superheroes... collect them all!

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Dec 26, 2006

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance takes over 20 superheroes from the comic book pages to the console so they can fight... Dr. Doom? Okay, there are a few problems with this game, but it's a comic book junky's dream come true. The story takes our heroes all over the Marvel Universe, from Atlantis to Murderworld to Mephisto's Realm to Asgard to the Skrull home planet to basically everywhere else. And along the way you'll fight big bad enemies like Ymir, Mandarin, Galactus and Loki, as well as less intimidating enemies like Shocker and Rhino and even lesser enemies like the third Arcade Clown from the right. Gameplay is ripped straight from the X-Men Legends top-down four-character beat-em-up mold. In fact, slap a prettier coat of paint on it and change the characters and this could be X-Men Legends 2. The powers, combos and levels are very similar, but there are a few differences: you can only use one piece of equipment per hero, extreme powers are activated simultaneously and alternative costumes offer different advantages when you sink some money into them. While almost all the greats are here, there are some notable absences from the Punisher and the Hulk and some characters like Colossus are next-gen only. But the great reason to play Ultimate Alliance, besides being a lot of fun, is that someone who has no experience with these characters can get a virtual compendium of the personal biographies and mythologies on them. It's a great game for comic book fans and a fun distraction for the Diablo II set.

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Very Good

Pretty good game.

posted by LambOfGod (ANAHEIM, CA) Nov 20, 2006

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i gave this game an 8 out of 10 because it reminded me a lot of x-men legends 1 and 2. other than that flaw, this game is pretty cool. you get to make up your own team or really cool super heroes, i mean come on, think about it. you can have spiderman, ghost rider, blade, and iron man all in your team, how awesome is that? ok, so gameplay, this game plays a lot like x-men legends, so you have your little ramdom problems like in x-men legends. like the camera angle, sometimes the camera gets stucked behind wall and stuff. what i really liked that they did in this game is all the little minigames. specially in murderworld when you're giving chase to arcade, i wont ruin it for you, you will have to see for yourselfs. also it has a alot of pretty cool boss battles, a couple of puzzles that arent very hard but not too easy either. also if you are playing by yourself when you do your special move, your A.I teamates also do their specials which is really cool cause you like destry everyone on screen. ok so im done, if you are a marvel fan in any kind of way rent this game, also watch out for any little side missions, you will see why when you beat the game.

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soo much terribly done

posted by jhawk25 (Seattle, WA) Jan 15, 2007

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ever played xmen legends or xmen legends 2? then you've already played marvel: ultimate alliance. me and my roommate were looking forward to this game like none other, but were bored after playing this game for 10 minutes. the gameplay is exactly like xmen legends or pretty much any other 3rd person rpg. there is nothin new or special about this game. they made gaining experience no longer about killing people, but made the usual money system of breaking boxes to get money as the xp system, so i could be killing everyone on-screen while my partner breaks every box or breakable in the room and he ends up with all the experience to be gained. what a great concept! if you've never played xmen legends or fantastic four, maybe you'll like this game since it might seem a little new to you, however you will probably still be extremely disapointed cuz this game sucks.

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