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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance


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posted by W4RM4CHINE (MANSFIELD, TX) Oct 25, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

17 out of 26 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

Just picked up and played Ultimate Alliance today, and all I can say is WOW! I am not a big RPG player, but I liked what X-Men Legends did and Ultimate Alliance takes it to the next level. You have control of a group of four Heroes to SMASH bad guys, and can freely take control of each of them and their powers. Graphics are AWESOME!! There is a plethora of Super Heroes to choose from in the beginning, plus more to unlock as the game rolls along. Game play is smooth and replay value is high, plus if you purchased your game from EB Games/Gamestop, it included a code to unlock the Silver Surfer as a playable character. NUFF SAID!!

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One of the best games the Xbox 360 has to offer

posted by Roywill31 (SIMI VALLEY, CA) Oct 30, 2006

Member since Feb 2005

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

The newest entry in the lneup of quality Xbox 360 games is Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. In this game, you command a team of superheroes to try and thwart Dr. Doom's evil plans....that's how it always starts, huh?

Where Ultmiate Alliance succeeds is in its presentation and customization options. The game plays very much like X-Men Legends for the most part. The top-down camera view with the many RPG elements are very similar....except Ultimate Alliance is much sharper than the Legends games ever were.

The graphics on the 360 version are top notch. Everyone is well-detailed, the environments are well thought out, and the game runs very fluidly. On some forums, people have complained of slowdown and glitches, but I have noticed none at all.

Gameplay wise, it's very Baldurs Gate-like....collect items, coins, and orbs (to gain health and such), beat up and bad guys you come across, use your special powers, complete a puzzle here and there. It's very straightforward. But where UA really succeeds is in the character and customization department. You can choose from over 20 characters to form a party of four. All the well-knowns are here (Spidey, Captain America, Wolverine) and even the lesser-knowns (Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage), which is really nice for Marvel fans. You can customize your characters abilities to your liking, while finding the party that best suits you.

There are plenty of missions to tackle in the game and bonus character missions where you can gain extra rewards and achievements. There is a lot to do in this game, and a lot of options....and playing online with (or against) your buddies is definitely a welcome addition...they can hop in or out of your game at any time.

All in all, a very good entry into the Xbox 360 line-up, and easily one of my favorite games this year.

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The Best

posted by Pickleking (WARMINSTER, PA) Oct 30, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

I beat this game with my bro. and it was one of the best games i played for 360,
alot of characters to choose, like Wolverine, spider man, Blade, DareDevil, iceman, storm Elektra, to Ms.Marvel. there are tons and you can unlock more of them as you go along.
alot of levels from water to forest to stark towers there's alot of places to play.
the graphics are really good not perfect but really good, the lighting makes it look even better, there is a few problems like getting stuck on walls and some others glitches, but very little. play trivia, and real life some of the old battles from comic books, cut scenes are amazing, and gameplay is very easy to get use to,
smooth and great action gameplay.
alot of powers you can get and unlock when you get level ups, and everyone has something different, Dialog for the game is ok nothing great thou, online play is so much fun play the whole game online with your friends or anyone,
and try arcade mode to see who does better each round. go pick this up instant fun right away,
play with 4 of your friends in co-op, or play by yourself, it's fun either way, create your own dream team with your own roster and team name and team logo, it is a amazing game go get it now.

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