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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

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Gameplay Controls

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Control Stick (Nunchuk) Move
Control Pad Control Hero. Aggressive, Defensive, or Normal Team Command (Hold Down 2 Button).
C Button (Nunchuk) Jump. Double-Jump (Press Again In Air). Fly. Swim (Press Rapidly Underwater).
A Button Attack. Heavy Attack (Hold)
B Button Special Power
Z Button (Nunchuk) Grab. Pick Up. Action. Block. Dodge. Return To Earth (When Flying). Throw (Move Nunchuk Control Stick).
- Button Hero Management Menu
+ Button Pause Menu
1 Button Toggle Automap
2 button Team Commands
Combo #1 Control Camera = Tilt Nunchuk Left or Right
Combo #2 Block = Shake Nunchuk Up and Down Lightly
Combo #3 Attack = Quickly Shake Remote Side-to-Side
Combo #4 Heavy Attack = Thrust Remote Forward
Combo #5 Popup Attack = Lift Remote Up
Combo #6 Trip = Swipe Remote Left or Right
Combo #7 Stun = Lower Remote Down