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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

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Very Good

Fun... after awhile.

posted by kainewynd2 (PHOENIX, NY) Dec 28, 2006

Member since Dec 2006

13 out of 14 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

This was the first game I played on my Wii after Wii Sports and it is a completely different animal. I went from completely intuitive controls to arcade style movement and strange combos again. If I had sent it back right then as I planned to I would have given it a 3.

However, I played through a few more levels and after that the controls felt much more natural and the storyline became much more fun (depsite horrible over-acting in the voice department... but it is comic based so what do you do...).

Because of this, I give it an 8. The game is a lot of fun once you get into it a little bit, but the voice acting drops it a point as does the time it takes to get into it.

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Nicely done!

posted by ZipZip509 (LITTLETON, CO) Dec 12, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

22 out of 27 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

This game rocks!! The controlls, while different, allow a new way to enjoy this game and it's more than fun to rope a goon with Spiderman and sling him around. Especially if you get to throw him off the side of a building. Ghostrider is patently unfair and super cool - thank you game developers for not nerfing him just because he's not as popular as some of the other heroes in the game. I may be a bit biased though, he's one of my favorites - right up there with Dr. Strange. Who is also patently unfair and more fun than I could have imagined. I suppose that's part of why you have to unlock those two, among others. Now I just need to find some extra Wii-motes so we can play multiplayer. This is going to rock!!

Perhaps the graphics could have been a bit better for a next gen system, but they didn't have a detrimental effect on gameplay, and if they seemed a bit comic bookish... well duh. On the whole, this game is incredibly playable and lots of fun - and really, that's what I play for.

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When Marvel tries to market everyone at once...

posted by Mooglewing (BLOOMINGTON, IL) Mar 24, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

For starters the game is a fun romp through the marvel universe outside of the X-men portion of the universe. This can also be one of the main problems with the game. In trying to avoid being the sequel to the x-men games it pulls out a lot of obscure villans and even repeats some of them over and over. But, over all they did very the enviroment enough for a repeative game play genre to make it interesting for the most part.

As a story goes this game is what you expect from a comic book game where they take a whole bunch of story arcs for different characters and shoe horn them into a story line. It really turns into a poor mans summer cross over series.

The game play is pretty good, but it is a button masher on a consol with out a lot of buttons. They have moved the special moves away from buttton combos and turned them into special motions with the Wii-mote. This is pulled off with some success but you can't rely on pulling off a specific move in a pinch. Also, there is one mini-game in the story arc relating to a classic piece of gaming that really doesn't work with the Wii-mote.

Over all the most suprising thing about the game was the length. It is really easy to spend atleast 15 hours in just the game play. Also , there are a lot of side missions that can be unlocked after finding in game items. So if you are a completist this could take you awhile.

Lastly, I have to say this is a fun game, but is more or a rental than a buy. Also, I have not tried other versions of this game, but if you have a different consol other than the Wii I would recomend playing it on that other console. This one was defently a after thought rushed to meet launch day for the Wii.

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