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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance


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Also on:Xbox, Wii, Xbox 360, GBA, PS3, PS2
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posted by cookies97 (DUDLEY, NC) Jul 22, 2010

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posted by 777GTHVN (ATLANTA, GA) Oct 2, 2008

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The game play is not good at all. Controls are easy to learn and the cut scenes are beautiful. Overall I think this game is for younger audience's.

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Very Good

Great button-masher and great licensing

posted by Schpenke (THE COLONY, TX) Apr 22, 2008

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Regardless of what anyone says about this game having "RPG" elements, I have to say that's rubbish. Yes, you can pick and choose what powers you upgrade. Yes, you can take some side collections quests. It's still a button-mashing beat 'em up. That's not a bad thing, either.

The game is by no means boring if for no other reason than the obscene amounts of Marvel characters and cameos that are in the game. If you're a Marvel comics fan you're doing yourself a grave disservice by not picking this title up.

You have the standard mashing game combo system, leveling logic, and special powers. If your characters can fly in the comics they will also have the ability to fly in the game. Playing as the Silver Surfer and scooting around on your board is ridiculously fun. Combat is simply a matter of deciding if you're going to grapple, punch, or fire off a super power. The combat controls are easy, fluid, and intuitive with NO LAG OR MOVE QUEUES like some masher games.

The villain boss fights are all fantastic and no villain or hero appearance ever strays from character. The story is actually pretty decent from a "didn't see that coming" feel.

All in all a great drooling fan-boy experience for all of us comic nerds. Pick it up. Rent it. Buy it. Whatever. Just play it in some way and enjoy. One of my favorites for the PSP to this date.

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