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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance


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Gameplay Controls

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

GamePlay: Tilt Controls can be used for charging powers, dodging attacks, grab and throw moves, disarming enemies, and boss battles. Please refer to the in- game tutorials for details.

Directional Buttons Control Hero
X Button Attack
Triangle Button Jump. Fly or Double-Jump (Press Again In Air).
Square Button Action
Circle Button Smash
L2 Button Team Commands
L1 Button Block. Dodge.
R2 Button Special Powers Menu
R1 Button Scroll Automap
Start Button Pause. Menu.
Select Button Display Hero Details
Left stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Movement Control
Right stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Camera Control
Combo #1 R2 Button + X or Circle or Square or Triangle Button = Use Special Powers
Combo #2 X, X, Circle Button = Popup Attack
Combo #3 X, Circle, X Button = Trip
Combo #4 X, Circle, Circle Button = Stun
Combo #5 X or Circle Button (Press and Hold In Mid-Jump) = Flying Smash
Combo #6 Square Button + Left Stick (Any Direction) = Throw Enemy
Combo #7 Square Button + X Button (Press Rapidly) = Melee Combo
Combo #8 Square Button + Circle Button = Smash Combo