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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

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Avoid. Not worth anyone's time.

posted by ResetPhil (MILPITAS, CA) Feb 2, 2010

Member since Apr 2008

For a moment, forget that this is the 4th installment of the Marvel action-RPG series. This game sucks.

Now, remember that this is the 4th installment of the Marvel action-RPG series. This game REALLY sucks.

This series has taken a HUGE step backwards with MUA2. The story, graphics, presentation, sound, controls are issues throughout the game. The cluttered, chaotic graphics are such a mess, you'll completely lose track of who you're controling or what you're aiming at. The controls are sluggish and often unresponsive.

Even if you're a huge Marvel fan looking to satisfy your fix or curiosity, avoid this game. It isn't worth anyone's time.

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Above Average

ultimate alliaance

posted by jacobf (HENDERSON, KY) Dec 25, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

this game is tons of fun. the controlssre easy to use allowing you to enjoy the game fully. Each character has at least four different moves that are special, and they can be performed by pressind a single button. You also can team characters up to do special moves. There are also hundreds of varations on thesemoves between characters,which are also very easy to per form. I would recommend this game for anyone who loves action. There are also extramissions at the end of the game which is a lot of fun.

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I loved it! So i rated it ten!

posted by gamemania (MIDDLESEX, NJ) Dec 13, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

I love the graphics the villians are medium hard but are still fun. The bosses such as Von Bardas, Electro, and Captain America or Iron Man [matters whos team your on] are hard they take a long time to defeat. There are a amazing amount of heros to chose from they are very easy to control. The best party is GREEN GOBLIN, THING, HULK , AND THOR. It never gets old to pick up a guy and throw him across the screen it is so fun. It is way faster to fly than to walk so chose people that can fly. Some people have telacaneises [most likely girls] at [B] instead of melee attacks. What it does is instead of walking up to a bad guy and pressing [A plus B] you can be far away from a bad guy and press [B] and pick the bad guy up and crash him into another bad guy and kill two! It is complicated the game is very exciting if you die you always want to try again which you would probably would win the next time. But here is a tip PLAY BY YOUR SELF! IT IS SO MUCH HARDER TO PLAY WITH SOME ONE THEY NEVER MOVE WHICH MAKES YOU NOT MOVE. So even know it is a four player game under my rules it is a one player game. It is soooooo! hard to unlock heros so i recomend cheats.

Happy Holidays Gamers!

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